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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
A Adopted 1945-09-10 E1762 McKenzie, Judy C [I0257]
B Birth E0853 Finkinger, Susanna [I0109]
    E0910 Gill, Unknown [I3684]
    E0980 Hillis, Carolyn [I0144]
    E0981 Hillis, Diane [I0145]
    E0984 Hillis, Ernie [I0146]
    E0992 Hillis, Jane [I0149]
    E1003 Hillis, Linda [I0153]
    E1006 Hillis, Raymond [I0155]
    E1007 Hillis, Rita [I0156]
    E1008 Hillis, Roger [I0157]
    E1009 Hillis, Rose [I0158]
    E1011 Hillis, Susan [I0160]
    E1012 Hillis, Theresa [I0161]
    E1019 Hillis, William [I0165]
    E1174 Holt, John [I0505]
    E1330 Karst, Barbara [I0235]
    E1452 King, Samuel [I2544]
    E1606 McCabe, Margaret C [I2345]
    E2909 Willlinger, Magdalena [I3596]
    1560 E0332 Bloomfield, John Sr. [I0984]
    1565 E0861 Fitz Randolph, Edward Sr. [I0112]
    1580 E0482 Blossom, Thomas [I0061]
    1583 E0966 Heilson, Ann [I0139]
    1585 E1183 Howes, Frances [I0221]
    1589 E0328 Bloomfield, John Jr. [I0404]
    1605 E1144 Holt, Robert [I0206]
    1607-07-05 E0863 Fitz Randolph, Edward Jr. [I0115]
    1608 E0968 Heywood, Dorothy [I0141]
    1617 E0442 Bloomfield, Thomas [I0059]
    1617 E0704 Dennis, Robert [I0097]
    1620 E0479 Blossom, Elizabeth [I0060]
    1620 E2922 Withers, Mary [I0402]
    1620 E2926 Withers, Mary [I0402]
    1623 E2330 UNKNOWN, Mary [I0016]
    1633 E3039 Wright, Richard Whittington [I2084]
    1638 E0695 Dennis, John Sr. [I0095]
    1639 E1825 Mottrom, Anne [I2083]
    1639 E1998 Plunkett, Margaret [I0283]
    1639 E2144 Singletary, Jonathan [I2640]
    1641 E1134 Holt, Richard Sr. [I0203]
    1642-01-15 E0364 Bloomfield, Mary [I0408]
    1643-12-30 E0423 Bloomfield, Sarah [I0058]
    1646-03-15 E0330 Bloomfield, John Sr. [I0406]
    1650 E0960 Heard, Elsie [I2942]
    1650 E0962 Heard, Elsie [I2942]
    1651-04-10 E0383 Bloomfield, Nathaniel [I0411]
    1653-11-01 E0299 Bloomfield, Ezekiel Sr. [I0405]
    1656-03-04 E0400 Bloomfield, Rebecca [I0410]
    1659-07-04 E0411 Bloomfield, Ruth [I0412]
    1659-09-00 E2396 Washington, Anne [I2081]
    1660 E0501 Brasher, John [I1662]
    1660 E1189 Hudson, William [I0465]
    1660 E2981 Wright, Francis [I2082]
    1661 E1065 Holt, Elizabeth [I0179]
    1661-04-02 E0865 Fitz Randolph, Hope [I0709]
    1663 E0858 Fitz Randolph, Benjamin Sr. [I0111]
    1666 E1050 Holt, David [I0173]
    1668 E1146 Holt, Robert [I0207]
    1669-09-09 E0697 Dennis, John Jr. [I2930]
    1670 E2257 Tarley, Mary [I0501]
    1671-12-07 E0701 Dennis, Mary Or Maria [I2932]
    1672 E1138 Holt, Richard Jr. [I0205]
    1673-07-18 E0708 Dennis, Sarah [I0098]
    1676 E0706 Dennis, Samuel [I2933]
    1676 E2086 Rolph, Esther [I2812]
    1676-02-21 E0690 Dennis, Mary Elizabeth [I2928]
    1678 E3265 Long, Philip Sr. [I2431]
    1679-04-08 E1303 Jaques, Jonathan [I2860]
    1680 E0125 Aubrey, Dorothy [I2068]
    1680-01-21 E1438 King, Philip Sr. [I2135]
    1681-02-11 E0459 Bloomfield, Timothy Sr. [I2804]
    1681-03-28 E0425 Bloomfield, Sarah [I2834]
    1681-03-28 E0432 Bloomfield, Sarah [I2834]
    1683-11-26 E0302 Bloomfield, Ezekiel Jr. [I2810]
    1684 E1162 Holt, William [I0213]
    1685-02-25 E2992 Wright, John [I2069]
    1686-03-28 E0413 Bloomfield, Ruth [I2833]
    1686-03-28 E0416 Bloomfield, Ruth [I2833]
    1686-06-07 E0402 Bloomfield, Rebecca [I2805]
    1686-11-06 E0970 Higgins, Rose [I2878]
    1688-02-09 E0385 Bloomfield, Nathaniel [I2811]
    1688-11-15 E0395 Bloomfield, Phebe [I2835]
    1688-11-15 E0397 Bloomfield, Phebe [I2835]
    1689 E1132 Holt, Plunkett Harraway [I0201]
    1690 E0676 Curtis, Elizabeth [I3614]
    1691-04-14 E2053 Fitz Randolph, Sarah [I3026]
    1692 E2300 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I0178]
    1693 E2402 Weeks, Katharine [I2819]
    1693-01-03 E0333 Bloomfield, John Jr. [I2831]
    1693-01-28 E0323 Bloomfield, Jeremiah Sr. [I2807]
    1693-05-03 E0293 Bloomfield, Elsie [I3625]
    1694-01-21 E2017 Fitz Randolph, Grace [I3010]
    1695 E0387 Bloomfield, Nathaniel [I3626]
    1695 E0392 Bloomfield, Nathaniel [I3626]
    1695-03-21 E0352 Bloomfield, Joseph [I2806]
    1695-04-08 E2045 Fitz Randolph, Ruth [I3022]
    1697 E0279 Bloomfield, Benjamin [I2838]
    1697 E0282 Bloomfield, Benjamin [I2838]
    1697-02-21 E2027 Fitz Randolph, Hope [I3014]
    1697-12-23 E2106 Salyer, Charles [I2854]
    1699-04-24 E2007 Fitz Randolph, Benjamin Jr. [I3005]
    1700 E1142 Holt, Richard III [I0502]
    1700 E1301 Jaques, Henry [I2861]
    1701 E0003 UNKNOWN, Susannah [I2896]
    1701 E0277 Bloomfield, Benjamin [I2809]
    1701-04-10 E2029 Fitz Randolph, Isaac [I3015]
    1702-05-12 E0727 Dunham, Eunice [I2839]
    1703-11-11 E0867 Fitz Randolph, Nathaniel [I0113]
    1706 E0304 Bloomfield, Ezekiel III [I2815]
    1706-02-04 E2360 Van Galen, Margaret [I2816]
    1706-10-05 E2019 Fitz Randolph, Grace [I3011]
    1708-01-04 E0409 Bloomfield, Richard [I2881]
    1708-12-31 E2011 Fitz Randolph, Elizabeth [I3007]
    1709-10-02 E1433 King, Philip Jr. [I2120]
    1710 E0717 Dobson, Margaret [I0516]
    1710 E1157 Holt, Thomas [I0503]
    1710 E1305 Jaques, Samuel [I2862]
    1710 E1905 Neutzling, Johann [I0390]
    1710 E2293 UNKNOWN, Catherine [I2119]
    1710 E2979 Wright, Francis Sr. [I2058]
    1711 E3263 Long, Philip Jr. [I2428]
    1711-01-16 E0309 Bloomfield, Hannah [I2814]
    1711-03-10 E1772 Mershon, Rebekah [I0259]
    1713 E0954 Hawkins, Mary [I2057]
    1719-01-06 E2112 Salyer, Joseph [I2857]
    1720 E1074 Holt, Francis [I0181]
    1722 E0315 Bloomfield, Hope [I2879]
    1722 E0852 Featherstone, Martha [I0108]
    1722 E1094 Holt, James [I0190]
    1722 E1576 Loofbourrow, Abraham [I2843]
    between 1723 and 1761 E1328 Karst, Andreas [I0234]
    1723 E2545 Weldon, Jacob [I1442]
    1723-10-16 E0306 Bloomfield, Ezekiel [I2820]
    1723-10-16 E0310 Bloomfield, Hannah [I2823]
    1724-01-22 E2110 Salyer, Joanna [I2858]
    1724-06-12 E0311 Bloomfield, Hannah [I2840]
    1725 E0626 Cattorn, Catharine Catron [I1441]
    1725 E1034 Holt, Ambrose [I0169]
    1725 E1136 Holt, Richard Sr. [I0204]
    1726 E2148 Skinner, Elizabeth [I2916]
    1726-02-05 E0285 Bloomfield, Ebenezer [I2826]
    1726-02-23 E2114 Salyer, Samuel [I2859]
    1727 E0825 Estes, Barbara [I0107]
    1728 E1230 Hunt, Gershom [I2960]
    1728-12-21 E0876 Ford, Sarah [I2882]
    1729 E0461 Bloomfield, Timothy Jr. [I2880]
    1729 E2954 Wright, Anna [I2073]
    1729-12-04 E0375 Bloomfield, Moses [I2841]
    1730 E0430 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3617]
    1730 E1130 Holt, Plunkett [I0200]
    1730 E2287 UNKNOWN, Ann [I0484]
    1730 E2302 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I2044]
    1730 E2956 Wright, Benjamin [I2045]
    1730-01-24 E2116 Salyer, Zachariah Benjamin [I2855]
    1730-03-14 E1376 King, Elizabeth [I2138]
    1730-11-10 E2015 Fitz Randolph, Eunice [I3009]
    1730-12-07 E0325 Bloomfield, Jeremiah Jr. [I2821]
    1731 E0419 Bloomfield, Samuel [I3616]
    1732-04-06 E2108 Salyer, Jeremiah [I2856]
    1732-04-26 E2051 Fitz Randolph, Sarah [I3025]
    1733 E0406 Bloomfield, Reuth [I3618]
    1733-02-10 E1369 King, Christopher [I2137]
    1733-07-25 E0294 Bloomfield, Eunice [I2824]
    1733-07-25 E2315 UNKNOWN, Judith [I3608]
    1733-10-17 E1947 Ogden, Sarah [I2847]
    1734 E0308 Bloomfield, Ezekiel [I2899]
    1734-05-07 E2005 Fitz Randolph, Ann [I3004]
    1735 E1984 Phillips, John [I0527]
    1735-08-25 E0350 Bloomfield, Johnathan [I2842]
    1735-11-10 E2013 Fitz Randolph, Enuice [I3008]
    1736 E0396 Bloomfield, Phebe [I2900]
    1736 E1384 King, Hannah [I2140]
    1736-01-15 E2047 Fitz Randolph, Ruth [I3023]
    1737 E0471 Bloomfield, William [I2897]
    1737-04-11 E0468 Bloomfield, Ursula [I2827]
    1737-05-22 E1324 Karney, Anna [I3629]
    1737-11-06 E2031 Fitz Randolph, Job [I3016]
    1738 E0362 Bloomfield, Keziah Carmen [I2817]
    1738 E0370 Bloomfield, Mary [I2901]
    1738 E1414 King, Mary [I2142]
    1739-10-18 E2003 Fitz Randolph, Abigail [I3003]
    1740 E0327 Bloomfield, Jeremiah [I2898]
    1740 E1160 Holt, William [I0212]
    1740 E2983 Wright, Isaac [I2071]
    1740-03-17 E0368 Bloomfield, Mary [I2822]
    1740-08-11 E0135 Avery, Frances Diannah [I0526]
    1740-12-05 E1392 King, John Sr. [I2139]
    1741 E1423 King, Michael [I2136]
    1741 E1890 Neutzling, George Wilhelm [I0387]
    1741-05-02 E0869 Fitz Randolph, Samuel [I0114]
    1741-05-02 E2049 Fitz Randolph, Samuel [I0114]
    1741-06-21 E2945 Wood, Elizabeth [I3628]
    1742 E1036 Holt, Ambrose [I0517]
    1742 E3176 Long, Philip III [I2406]
    1743-02-01 E2041 Fitz Randolph, Rachel [I3020]
    1743-04-20 E0361 Bloomfield, Katherine [I2825]
    1744-01-01 E1688 McCoy, Robert [I2174]
    1745 E0732 Edwards, Amy [I0106]
    1745 E2347 UNKNOWN, Tobiatha [I1427]
    1745 E2975 Wright, Elizabeth [I2074]
    1745-01-21 E2023 Fitz Randolph, Hannah [I3012]
    1746 E2994 Wright, John [I2076]
    1748 E1054 Holt, David [I0497]
    1748 E1164 Holt, William Sr. [I0214]
    1748 E1372 King, David [I2141]
    1748 E1439 King, Phillip III [I2113]
    1748-10-17 E2355 Van Vliet, Charrick [I2525]
    1749 E0510 Brooks, Catherine [I3601]
    1749-04-04 E2034 Fitz Randolph, John [I3017]
    1750 E0777 Ennis, Jesse [I1187]
    1750 E1099 Holt, John [I0191]
    1750 E1140 Holt, Richard Jr. [I0495]
    1750 E1155 Holt, Shadrack [I0496]
    1750 E2526 Weldon, Hannah [I1452]
    1750 E2542 Weldon, Isaac [I1428]
    1750-01-11 E1511 La Barr, Anna Barbara [I2526]
    1751 E2631 Weldon, Mary [I1456]
    1751-03-17 E0337 Bloomfield, John [I2887]
    1751-12-27 E0507 Brooke, Anne [I2112]
    1752 E0404 Bloomfield, Reuben Skinner [I2917]
    1752 E0958 Heard, Ellender [I0518]
    1752 E1758 McIlvaine, Mary [I3638]
    1752 E2521 Weldon, Gille [I1455]
    1752 E2666 Weldon, Nancy Ann [I1453]
    1752-01-21 E2043 Fitz Randolph, Rebecca [I3021]
    1752-09-24 E1284 Hunt, Sarah [I2982]
    1752-11-17 E0290 Bloomfield, Ellis [I2886]
    1753 E3026 Wright, Moses [I2037]
    1753-10-18 E0354 Bloomfield, Joseph [I2848]
    1754-01-07 E0469 Bloomfield, William [I2888]
    1755 E1322 Jung, Gertrude [I0386]
    1756-02-14 E0417 Bloomfield, Samuel [I2849]
    1756-03-05 E0437 Bloomfield, Smith [I2890]
    1757-02-15 E2009 Fitz Randolph, Elizabeth [I3006]
    1758 E0933 Griffin, Michael [I1601]
    1758 E2594 Weldon, Joseph [I1454]
    1758-05-20 E0318 Bloomfield, Isaac [I2851]
    1759 E0321 Bloomfield, Jarvis [I3636]
    1759 E2774 Whitehead, Elizabeth [I2036]
    1759-02-24 E1236 Hunt, Hannah [I2962]
    1759-12-08 E0667 Crowell, Joseph [I2912]
    1760 E1095 Holt, James [I0486]
    1760 E1634 McCoy, George [I2165]
    1760 E2366 Walker, William [I2187]
    1760 E2576 Weldon, John [I1450]
    1760 E2904 Willingham, Nancy [I1543]
    1760 E3004 Wright, Martha [I2063]
    1760 E3011 Wright, Mary [I2066]
    1760-03-08 E0900 Giles, James [I3604]
    1760-04-24 E0284 Bloomfield, Charles [I2891]
    1761-01-07 E0736 Ellis, Abigail [I2863]
    1761-02-20 E0297 Bloomfield, Eunice [I3631]
    1762 E2332 UNKNOWN, Mary [I2164]
    1762 E2436 Weldon, Andrew [I1451]
    1762-11-12 E1980 Phillips, Ezra [I0274]
    1763-04-13 E0288 Bloomfield, Elizabeth [I3632]
    1763-04-19 E0295 Bloomfield, Eunice [I2884]
    1763-05-00 E0313 Bloomfield, Hannah [I2850]
    1764 E1110 Holt, Leonard [I0493]
    1765 E0348 Bloomfield, John Wood [I3633]
    1765 E1081 Holt, George [I0490]
    1765 E1120 Holt, Mary [I0498]
    1765 E1148 Holt, Robert [I0491]
    1765 E1153 Holt, Sarah [I0492]
    1765-04-15 E2021 Fitz Randolph, Hannah [I0284]
    1766 E2547 Weldon, Jacob [I1443]
    1766 E2973 Wright, Elizabeth [I2062]
    1766 E3178 Long, Mary [I2408]
    1766-04-01 E0464 Bloomfield, Timothy III [I2885]
    1767 E0363 Bloomfield, Martha [I3637]
    1769-12-02 E0426 Bloomfield, Sarah [I2883]
    1770 E0744 Ennis, Arthur I [I1176]
    1770 E1126 Holt, Nathan [I0197]
    1770 E1172 Holt, William Newton [I0215]
    1770 E2066 Richardson, Benjamin [I0445]
    1770 E2660 Weldon, Moses Sr. [I1414]
    1770 E2726 Weldon, William [I1447]
    1770-11-26 E1463 King, William [I2131]
    1771 E1395 King, John Jr. [I2545]
    1772 E1448 King, Rachel [I2126]
    1772 E2142 Sims, Martha [I1175]
    1772 E2977 Wright, Febee [I2065]
    1772-06-15 E2988 Wright, Jesse [I2067]
    1773 E0433 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3635]
    1773-01-00 E1816 Moore, Margaret [I2546]
    1773 E2958 Wright, Benjamin [I2048]
    1773 E3179 Long, Reuben [I2409]
    1774 E1037 Holt, Ambrose [I0520]
    1774 E1382 King, Hannah [I2121]
    1774 E2544 Weldon, Isaac C [I1446]
    1774-03-30 E0428 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3610]
    1774-10-23 E0398 Bloomfield, Phoebe [I3634]
    1775 E0441 Bloomfield, Stephen [I2910]
    1775 E0908 Gill, Rebecca [I1587]
    1775 E1043 Holt, Benjamin [I0519]
    1775 E1059 Holt, Eleanor [I0174]
    1775-08-29 E0371 Bloomfield, Mary [I3630]
    1776 E1067 Holt, Elizabeth [I0523]
    1776 E1362 King, Anna [I2132]
    1776 E1364 King, Catherine [I2122]
    1777 E0280 Bloomfield, Benjamin [I3612]
    1777 E1070 Holt, Ellender [I0522]
    1777 E3182 Long, Philip IV [I2410]
    1778 E3183 Long, Adam [I2417]
    1779 E2574 Weldon, John [I1445]
    1779 E3023 UNKNOWN, Polly [I2003]
    1779-05-31 E1426 King, Nancy Ann [I2124]
    1779-06-26 E1509 Kuss, Nicholas [I0240]
    1780 E1097 Holt, Jesse [I0485]
    1780 E1412 King, Mary [I2127]
    1780 E1563 Lemmons, Martha [I1523]
    1780 E2996 Wright, John W [I2023]
    1780-04-07 E2198 Starner, John George [I0676]
    1780-07-09 E1166 Holt, William Jr. [I0521]
    1781 E1690 McCoy, Robert [I2180]
    1781-09-23 E0435 Bloomfield, Sarah Ogden [I2866]
    1781-10-17 E1907 Neutzling, Johann Peter [I0377]
    1781-11-08 E0935 Griffin, Snowden [I1605]
    1782 E0875 Ford, Mary [I1959]
    1782 E3173 Long, Jonas [I2400]
    1782-02-19 E1435 King, Philip IV [I2123]
    1782-09-10 E1309 Jenemann, Susanna [I0376]
    1783 E1636 McCoy, George W [I2176]
    1783-03-07 E0665 Crowell, Fanny [I2915]
    1783-05-03 E0617 Cash, Effey [I2022]
    1783-08-12 E0943 Hall, Matilda [I0129]
    1783-09-05 E1992 Phillips, Payton [I0530]
    1784 E0931 Griffin, John [I1604]
    1784 E1040 Holt, Asa [I0487]
    1784 E1052 Holt, David [I0488]
    1784 E1105 Holt, John F [I0489]
    1784 E1374 King, Elizabeth [I2125]
    1784 E3032 Brown, John V [I1960]
    1784 E3184 Long, Nathan [I2418]
    1784-04-00 E1614 McCoy, Brumfield Sr. [I2154]
    1784-10-00 E2971 Wright, Elizabeth [I2054]
    1785 E2597 Weldon, Joseph [I1545]
    1785-02-05 E2882 Wilkins, William [I1486]
    1785-07-06 E2461 Weldon, Catherine [I1444]
    1785-08-09 E0902 Giles, Maria McIlvaine [I3605]
    1786 E1645 McCoy, James [I2177]
    1786 E2364 Walker, Nancy [I2153]
    1787 E1387 King, Jesse [I2102]
    1787 E2095 Rugg, Mary [I2101]
    1787-07-09 E2353 Van Vliet, Catherine [I0677]
    1787-10-01 E2693 Weldon, Robert [I1461]
    1787-12-16 E0359 Bloomfield, Joseph Ellis [I2864]
    1787-12-20 E0929 Griffin, Ghitta Frances [I1603]
    1788 E0286 Bloomfield, Elizabeth [I3611]
    1788 E0473 Bloomfield, William [I2905]
    1788 E1656 McCoy, John [I2181]
    1788 E2715 Weldon, Thomas [I1546]
    1788-08-03 E1990 Phillips, Nancy [I0529]
    1789 E0393 Bloomfield, Olle [I2908]
    1789 E0586 Calloway, Rebecca [I0819]
    1789 E2702 Weldon, Sarah [I1544]
    1789-06-00 E1421 King, Michael [I2128]
    1790 E0205 Blizzard, Alexander [I0587]
    1790 E2692 Weldon, Robert [I1436]
    1790 E3241 Long, Isaac [I2421]
    1791 E0475 Bloomfield, William [I3613]
    1791 E1706 McCoy, Thomas [I2175]
    1791-04-21 E1994 Phillips, Rebecca [I0532]
    1791-11-16 E1456 King, Susannah [I2129]
    1791-12-20 E2555 Weldon, James [I1458]
    1793 E0754 Ennis, Bramey [I1192]
    1793 E2986 Wright, Jesse [I2050]
    1794 E0789 Ennis, Mary [I1191]
    1794 E0925 Green, Elizabeth [I1549]
    1794 E1367 King, Charlotte [I2130]
    1794 E1521 Large, Lucy [I2199]
    1794 E1700 McCoy, Ruben [I2178]
    1794 E2068 Richardson, Delilah [I0446]
    1794 E2211 Stevens, Thomas B. [I3707]
    1794 E2897 Willingham, Elijah [I1624]
    1794-04-16 E0671 Crowell, Nathan [I2913]
    1794-11-04 E1982 Phillips, Hannah [I0531]
    1795 E0316 Bloomfield, Hulda [I2909]
    1795 E2709 Weldon, Simon [I1430]
    1795 E2960 Wright, Bethena [I2051]
    1796 E1029 Holbrook, Elizabeth [I2197]
    1796 E1455 King, Susanna [I2133]
    1796-04-14 E0421 Bloomfield, Samuel Giles [I2865]
    1797-08-30 E1988 Phillips, Mary Polly [I0528]
    1797-09-24 E2596 Weldon, Joseph [I1462]
    1798 E0654 Corveyance, Rebecca [I1535]
    1798 E1667 McCoy, Mary [I2179]
    1798 E2962 Wright, Cary [I2056]
    1799 E0439 Bloomfield, Smith [I2906]
    1799 E1578 Loofbourrow, Jenet [I2844]
    1799-06-06 E1973 Phillips, Amy [I0536]
    1800 E0477 Bloomfield, Zeruiah [I2907]
    1800 E2892 Williams, Dorothea [I1525]
    1800-05-03 E2412 Weldon, Absalom [I1464]
    1801 E0897 Freels, William [I1635]
    1801 E2445 Weldon, Ann [I1460]
    1801 E2662 Weldon, Moses Jr. [I1433]
    1801-06-07 E0466 Bloomfield, Timothy IV [I2893]
    1801-07-08 E0937 Griffin, Troy [I1602]
    1802 E0340 Bloomfield, John [I2911]
    1802-01-16 E0486 Bonney, Ann Caroline [I2894]
    1802-06-02 E1996 Phillips, Sarah [I0533]
    1802-09-09 E1607 McCann, Lydia [I2019]
    1802-10-12 E0673 Crowell, William Bloomfield [I2914]
    1803 E1940 Odom, Jacob Sr. [I1822]
    1803 E2699 Weldon, Sarah [I1459]
    1803-03-12 E3024 Wright, Moses [I2020]
    1804 E0585 Butts, James A [I2439]
    1804 E2605 Weldon, Levi [I1524]
    1804 E2632 Weldon, Mary [I1463]
    1804-09-02 E2759 Whatley, Thomas Jefferson [I1837]
    1804-12-03 E2370 Walton, Elizabeth [I1440]
    1805 E0749 Ennis, Benjamin [I1188]
    1805 E1027 Hilton, Nancy [I1465]
    1805 E2070 Richardson, Frances Fanny [I0447]
    1805 E3033 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I2007]
    1805-04-08 E1986 Phillips, Joseph [I0535]
    1805-09-25 E1506 Kuss, Anna Susanna [I0239]
    1806-09-09 E2459 Weldon, Burell [I1589]
    1806-11-26 E0742 Ennis, Arthur [I1163]
    1807 E0001 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I2438]
    1807 E1158 Holt, William [I0211]
    1807 E1779 Milstead, Martha Patsy [I1665]
    1807 E3014 Wright, William [I1994]
    1808 E2969 Wright, Elizabeth [I2038]
    1808-03-05 E2398 Weaver, Nancy B [I1162]
    1808-04-12 E1976 Phillips, Elizabeth [I0534]
    1808-04-28 E1513 La Barr, Rachel [I0673]
    1808-11-12 E2874 Wilkins, Tobiatha [I1498]
    1809 E2363 Waldrop, Sally [I1590]
    1809 E2664 Weldon, Nancy [I1550]
    1809-02-28 E1442 King, Priscilla [I2114]
    1809-11-15 E2177 Starner, Charles [I0672]
    1810 E2296 UNKNOWN, Dorcas [I1619]
    1810 E2325 UNKNOWN, Mariah J [I1607]
    1810 E2713 Weldon, Thomas [I1438]
    1810-02-04 E2863 Wilkins, Nancy [I1492]
    1810-06-22 E2684 Weldon, Pheribe E [I1435]
    1810-07-22 E1923 Neutzling, Petri Sr. [I0375]
    1811 E0712 Dickson, Eli James [I1862]
    1811 E0763 Ennis, James [I1189]
    1811 E1650 McCoy, James H [I2150]
    1811 E2857 Wilkins, Mary [I1495]
    1811 E2918 Hall, Melinda [I0448]
    1811-01-25 E3422 Yarger, Elizabeth [I2286]
    1811-07-11 E1974 Phillips, Elinder Ncashe Ezra [I0273]
    1812 E1450 King, Samuel [I2115]
    1812 E2824 Wilkins, Elizabeth [I1487]
    1812 E3020 UNKNOWN, Mary [I2000]
    1812 E3112 Long, Philip [I2392]
    1812-07-04 E1723 McCutcheon, Elizabeth Martha [I1720]
    1813 E0982 Hillis, Elijah [I2085]
    1813 E1060 Holt, Elijah [I0175]
    1813 E2439 Weldon, Andrew J [I1411]
    1813-04-17 E1836 Myhand, James Allen [I1591]
    1813-07-15 E1469 King, William Jesse [I2099]
    1813-08-29 E2621 Weldon, Martha [I1588]
    1814 E0755 Ennis, David Ennis [I1193]
    1814 E3114 Patterson, Francis [I2393]
    1815 E0512 Brown, Barzilla Miles [I1958]
    1815 E1969 Peacock, Mary Polly [I1457]
    1815 E2085 Rodgers, William Jr. [I0570]
    1815-04-05 E1446 King, Rachel [I2117]
    1815-07-28 E2885 Wilkins, William [I1490]
    1815-10-25 E1717 McCoy, William Walker [I2166]
    1816 E0761 Ennis, George [I1190]
    1816 E1641 McCoy, George Washington [I2200]
    1816-11-08 E2280 Taylor, William E [I1633]
    1817 E2000 Price, Martha A [I1957]
    1817-04-18 E2841 Wilkins, Isaac [I1489]
    1817-05-07 E2649 Weldon, Milton Alfred [I1434]
    1818 E1617 McCoy, Brumfield Jr. [I2172]
    1818-09-07 E2902 Willingham, Lazarus [I1626]
    1818-11-15 E2208 Sterner, Belinda [I2527]
    1819 E1713 McCoy, William [I2204]
    1819-08-16 E2851 Wilkins, Jonathan [I1494]
    1820 E1647 McCoy, James [I2208]
    1820 E2899 Willingham, John W [I1625]
    1820 E3000 Wright, Malinda [I2039]
    1820-02-10 E1431 King, Philip [I2118]
    1820-08-20 E2611 Weldon, Lourana [I1431]
    1821 E1710 McCoy, Thomas S [I2206]
    1821-04-21 E0541 Burgess, Susannah A [I2100]
    1821-04-27 E2834 Wilkins, Henry Levi [I1488]
    1822 E1708 McCoy, Thomas S [I2170]
    1822 E2513 Weldon, Francis Marion [I1432]
    1822-05-15 E1658 McCoy, John L [I2202]
    1823 E0630 Chapman, Vicky [I2243]
    1823 E2090 Rose, Mary Poly [I2149]
    1823 E2339 UNKNOWN, Obedience [I1832]
    1823 E2868 Wilkins, Samuel [I1491]
    1823 E3553 Doll, Gertrude [I2488]
    1823-04-15 E1314 Jones, Sarah Matilda [I1875]
    1824 E1683 McCoy, Pleasant [I2207]
    1824 E2849 Wilkins, John S [I1497]
    1824 E3006 Wright, Martha A [I2043]
    1824-12-22 E0952 Hatten, Margaret [I2018]
    1825 E0735 UNKNOWN, Sarah Ann Elizabeth [I1508]
    1825 E0906 Gill, Elizabeth [I0582]
    1825 E2292 UNKNOWN, Catherine [I1909]
    1825 E2706 Weldon, Semin [I1541]
    1825 E2880 Wilkins, Weldon [I1496]
    1825 E2990 Wright, John [I2017]
    1825-06-05 E0656 Couch, Mary Elizabeth [I2189]
    1825-09-01 E2669 Weldon, Nancy Whittier [I1526]
    1825-12-31 E0787 Ennis, Martha Jane [I1180]
    1826 E2925 Weldon, Margaret [I1986]
    1826 E3018 UNKNOWN, Nancy [I1998]
    1826-01-16 E1569 Lodge, Celine Elizabeth [I2219]
    1826-12-13 E2372 Warrick, Fielden [I2227]
    1827 E0228 Blizzard, James [I0583]
    1827 E1312 Jones, Lucy Ann [I1817]
    1827 E1684 McCoy, Reuben [I2203]
    1827 E3015 UNKNOWN, Sarah [I1995]
    1828 E0649 Comer, Barbara Ellen [I0569]
    1828 E0678 Cyphers, John Calvin [I2216]
    1828 E1515 Lamons, Sarah Jane [I1707]
    1828 E1687 McCoy, Rhoda L [I2167]
    1828 E1814 Moore, Jerusha [I1951]
    1828 E1939 Odom, Isaac Cullen [I1823]
    1828 E2388 Warrick, Susannah [I2191]
    1828 E2480 Weldon, Elbert B [I1472]
    1828 E2714 Weldon, Thomas [I1539]
    1828-01-08 E1695 McCoy, Robert W [I2169]
    1828-05-00 E1702 McCoy, Sarah [I2198]
    1829 E1933 Nixson, Rebekah [I1864]
    1829 E1936 Odom, Alexander [I1824]
    1829 E2901 Willingham, Julia A [I1629]
    1829 E3013 Wright, William [I1993]
    1829-05-22 E2860 Wilkins, Mathew G [I1493]
    1829-07-04 E0778 Ennis, John Marion [I1178]
    1830 E0500 Brasher, John [I1654]
    1830 E0892 Freels, Mary Louise [I1641]
    1830 E1719 McCoy, Zelpha [I2168]
    1830 E1946 Odom, William [I1825]
    1830 E2947 Weldon, Minerva [I1987]
    1830 E3028 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I2004]
    1830-01-06 E2753 Whatley, Levi [I1840]
    1830-01-22 E2175 Starner, Catherine [I2512]
    1830-01-22 E2190 Starner, George W [I2520]
    1830-10-20 E2761 Neutzling, Jacob [I1891]
    1831 E2522 Weldon, Green [I1538]
    1831 E2633 Weldon, Mary [I1540]
    1831 E2985 Wright, James [I2030]
    1831 E3007 Weldon, Abraham [I1989]
    1832 E1410 King, Mary [I2116]
    1832 E1486 Klingler, Godfrey [I0236]
    1832 E1675 McCoy, Moses L [I2171]
    1832 E1943 Odom, James [I1826]
    1832 E2752 Whatley, Jonathan [I1842]
    1832-01-11 E2183 Starner, Etna B [I2521]
    1832-02-03 E2776 Neutzling, Joannes [I1963]
    1832-06-24 E2481 Weldon, Elias [I1666]
    1833-01-01 E1620 McCoy, David Franklin [I2205]
    1833 E1705 McCoy, Solomon [I2210]
    1833 E2511 Weldon, Jonathan [I1423]
    1833 E2966 Wright, Eliza Jane [I2034]
    1833 E3008 Weldon, Antonette [I1990]
    1833 E0009 Graf, Anna Maria [I0123]
    1833-02-16 E0769 Ennis, James Weaver [I1183]
    1834 E0895 Freels, Sarah Jane [I1642]
    1834 E1838 Myhand, Lucinda [I1599]
    1834 E2637 Weldon, Mary A [I1466]
    1834 E2747 Whatley, Elizabeth [I1843]
    1834 E2907 Neutzling, Maria [I1969]
    1834 E3009 Weldon, Sarah [I1991]
    1834 E3046 UNKNOWN, Mary [I2239]
    1834-02-08 E2195 Starner, Hiram [I2518]
    1834-06-20 E0737 Ellison, Rachel Ann Elizabeth [I2531]
    1834-08-16 E2549 Weldon, Jacob [I1536]
    1835 E2744 Wells, Evie Delaney [I2255]
    1835 E2896 Willingham, Andrew J [I1628]
    1835 E2968 Wright, Elizabeth [I2029]
    1835-01-09 E2796 Neutzling, Henricus [I1964]
    1835-04-00 E1022 Hillis, William J [I0660]
    1835-04-16 E0800 Ennis, Odie Elizabeth [I1181]
    1836 E0896 Freels, Thomas [I1638]
    1836 E2255 Sumrall, Mary Ann [I1847]
    1836 E2334 UNKNOWN, Mary L [I1953]
    1836 E2557 Weldon, James [I1468]
    1836 E2635 Weldon, Mary [I1620]
    1836 E2731 Weldon, William R [I1422]
    1836-02-17 E3310 Hankinson, Adam [I2184]
    1836-04-24 E0592 Camp, James Ezra [I1973]
    1836-07-10 E2181 Starner, Ellen [I2522]
    1836-09-24 E2150 Slate, Catherine [I1882]
    1836-10-00 E2748 Whatley, Isaac [I1839]
    1837 E1662 McCoy, Louise Anna [I2209]
    1837 E1944 Odom, Jonathan [I1828]
    1837-01-00 E2082 Riggs, Sarah Ann [I0659]
    1837 E2492 Weldon, Ellen [I1425]
    1837 E2591 Weldon, John Wesley [I1608]
    1837 E2906 Willingham, Thomas [I1627]
    1837 E3010 Weldon, Mary [I1992]
    1837 E3034 Weldon, A.J. [I2008]
    1837 E3054 Holt, Elizabeth [I0177]
    1837 E3115 Long, Barbara [I2394]
    1837-05-06 E0790 Ennis, Mary Frances [I1179]
    1837-05-08 E2599 Weldon, Joseph Wyatt [I1728]
    1837-06-17 E2204 Starner, Susan [I2517]
    1837-07-17 E2179 Starner, Elanor [I2524]
    1837-09-20 E2908 Neutzling, Petrus Jr. [I1972]
    1837-09-27 E0621 Cassady, Sarah Ann [I1717]
    1837-10-00 E1595 Maxey, Amzy Alexander [I1743]
    1837-10-27 E2073 Ricks, John Benjamin [I1807]
    1838 E0886 Freels, Frances [I1636]
    1838 E1844 Myhand, William Morris [I1592]
    1838 E2438 Weldon, Andrew [I1469]
    1838 E2696 Weldon, S E [I1623]
    1838 E2999 Wright, Susan [I2032]
    1838 E3057 Yarbrough, Angeline [I1149]
    1838 E3047 Weldon, N.P. [I2016]
    1838 E3116 Long, Mary [I2395]
    1838-01-07 E1444 King, Rachel [I2108]
    1838-08-10 E1150 Holt, Roseann [I0208]
    1838-09-13 E2132 Simmons, Margarette M [I1557]
    1838-11-23 E2779 Weldon, George A [I1527]
    1838-12-00 E2736 Weldon, Willis A [I1408]
    1838-12-29 E0964 Heatherly, Huldah M [I1586]
    1839 E1632 McCoy, Francis Marion [I2201]
    1839 E1942 Odom, Jacob Jr. [I1827]
    1839 E2128 Simmons, Henry D [I1562]
    1839 E2329 UNKNOWN, Martha A [I1816]
    1839 E2648 Weldon, Merrell [I1417]
    1839 E2663 Weldon, Nancy [I1424]
    1839-01-15 E0517 Brown, Eliza Jane [I1961]
    1839-02-24 E0819 Ennis, William Pinkney [I1150]
    1839-05-02 E1526 Leach, Nancy Jane [I1689]
    1839-05-26 E2572 Weldon, Joel Bailey [I1723]
    1839-06-16 E1390 King, Jesse [I2109]
    1840 E0528 Brown, Mary Jane [I1965]
    1840 E0890 Freels, Joseph [I1637]
    1840 E2232 Stover, Hiram [I0636]
    1840 E2636 Weldon, Mary [I1668]
    1840 E2757 Whatley, Michael [I1841]
    1840 E3056 Holt, Newton [I0198]
    1840-02-17 E1842 Myhand, Wesley Warren [I1593]
    1840-04-06 E3412 Hankinson, Peter N. [I2284]
    1840-08-31 E2582 Weldon, John Asbury Sr. [I1537]
    1840-10-00 E2428 Weldon, Amanda M [I1470]
    1841 E0519 Brown, Catherine Elizabeth [I1970]
    1841-01-00 E1523 Last, Nancy [I1409]
    1841 E1534 Lehew, Samuel [I2335]
    1841 E1840 Myhand, Mary Ann [I1595]
    1841 E2129 Simmons, Jackson [I1561]
    1841 E2647 Weldon, Melissa [I1419]
    1841 E2965 Wright, Effa [I2027]
    1841 E2919 Holt, Mary A. [I1983]
    1841 E3016 Wright, Morallus [I1996]
    1841 E3021 UNKNOWN, Caroline [I2001]
    1841 E0010 Longstreth, Harrison [I1950]
    1841-08-10 E1418 King, Mary Ellen [I2103]
    1841-09-04 E2915 Neutzling, Aloysius [I1981]
    1841-11-10 E0888 Freels, John Buck [I1639]
    1841-12-28 E0798 Ennis, Nancy Annie [I1177]
    1842 E2121 Simmons, Allen J [I1563]
    1842 E2552 Weldon, Jacob [I1611]
    1842 E3048 Weldon, Mary [I2021]
    1842 E0005 Brown, Caroline [I0000]
    1842-02-14 E2134 Simmons, Martha Jane [I1554]
    1842-03-18 E1101 Holt, John [I0449]
    1842-05-21 E2750 Whatley, John S [I1838]
    1842-05-23 E1827 Moultre, Cynthia Ann [I1644]
    1842-11-20 E2681 Weldon, Ora Annie [I1721]
    1843-01-00 E2197 Starner, Jackson [I2519]
    1843 E2247 Stump, Albert [I3687]
    1843 E2506 Weldon, Ervin [I1669]
    1843 E2758 Whatley, Thomas [I1845]
    1843 E2964 Wright, Edy [I2026]
    1843 E3117 Long, Reuben [I2396]
    1843-01-28 E1810 Rhodes, Calista [I1949]
    1843-03-14 E1830 Murray, Eliza Jane [I2533]
    1843-06-05 E1839 Myhand, Malissa J [I1594]
    1843-08-24 E2645 Weldon, Matilda [I1609]
    1843-10-22 E2916 Neutzling, Josephus [I1982]
    1843-12-05 E1358 King, Alfred Burgess [I2107]
    1843-12-31 E2268 Taylor, Mary Ann [I1634]
    1844 E1679 McCoy, Nancy E [I2212]
    1844 E1945 Odom, Mary Matilda [I1829]
    1844 E2136 Simmons, Sanders T [I1564]
    1844 E2429 Weldon, Amanda M [I1510]
    1844 E2484 Weldon, Elijah Burrell [I1722]
    1844 E2712 Weldon, T J [I1622]
    1844 E2746 Whatley, Caroline B [I1846]
    1844 E2794 Wilhelm, Martin [I0353]
    1844 E2872 Wilkins, Susan [I1820]
    1844 E3409 Burnside, Sarah Ann [I2260]
    1844-03-24 E0532 Brown, Thomas C [I1966]
    1844-04-17 E0751 Ennis, Benjamin Thomas [I1182]
    1844-05-24 E2202 Starner, Morris [I2516]
    1845 E0899 Freels, William H [I1640]
    1845 E1103 Holt, John B [I0192]
    1845 E1674 McCoy, Moses L [I2159]
    1845 E1833 Myhand, Eldridge G [I1597]
    1845 E2210 Stevens, Heneretta [I3641]
    1845 E2920 Holt, James M. [I1984]
    1845 E3030 Butts, Mary [I2006]
    1845 E3035 McCoy, Caroline [I2009]
    1845 E3077 McCoy, Andrew J. [I2064]
    1845 E3133 Long, Isaac [I2397]
    1845-04-30 E2173 Starner, Caroline [I2514]
    1845-12-00 E1961 Partridge, Jesse B [I1802]
    1845-12-27 E0642 Cole, Elizabeth Carline [I1688]
    1846 E0526 Brown, Lydia [I1967]
    1846 E0600 Cannady, John Wiley [I1672]
    1846 E1089 Holt, Henry [I0187]
    1846 E1624 McCoy, Elcanah F [I2162]
    1846 E1682 McCoy, Orlena C [I2213]
    1846 E1834 Myhand, Emily E [I1598]
    1846 E2416 Weldon, Adelia [I1484]
    1846 E2491 Weldon, Elizabeth [I1616]
    1846 E2517 Weldon, G W [I1621]
    1846 E2618 Weldon, Margaret Emma [I1667]
    1846 E2625 Weldon, Martha C [I1670]
    1846 E2756 Whatley, Matilda Tabitha [I1844]
    1846 E3518 Withrow, Samuel Davis [I3640]
    1846-04-25 E2495 Weldon, Emery Elbert [I1511]
    1846-06-29 E2701 Weldon, Sarah [I1467]
    1846-08-00 E2139 Simmons, Thomas J [I1555]
    1846-08-02 E1870 Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1846-08-18 E2486 Weldon, Elisha Benjamin [I1726]
    1846-08-27 E1454 King, Sarah Samantha [I2111]
    1847 E1938 Odom, Henry [I1831]
    1847 E2659 Weldon, Missouri [I1612]
    1847 E2808 Wilkins, Alwilda [I1819]
    1847 E3019 McCoy, Jasper [I1999]
    1847 E3049 Wilkins, Francis [I2025]
    1847-01-11 E2200 Starner, Lewis [I2513]
    1847-03-28 E1528 Ledbetter, Sarah Frances [I1682]
    1847-05-16 E2440 Weldon, Andrew Jackson [I1415]
    1847-10-11 E2589 Weldon, John T [I1509]
    1847-11-20 E2140 Simmons, Zechariah T [I1559]
    1847-12-16 E0583 Butts, Elizabeth A [I2412]
    1847-12-27 E2124 Simmons, Andrew R [I1553]
    1848 E1088 Holt, Hannah [I0186]
    1848 E1613 McCoy, America E [I2214]
    1848 E1721 McCoy, Zilpha [I2161]
    1848 E1835 Myhand, Henry [I1600]
    1848 E2512 Weldon, Francis M [I1512]
    1848 E2655 Weldon, Minerva Elizabeth [I1421]
    1848 E2711 Weldon, Susan [I1617]
    1848 E2862 Wilkins, Missouri [I1818]
    1848 E2963 Wright, Daniel [I2033]
    1848 E3002 Wright, Margaret [I2024]
    1848 E3036 McCoy, Melifea [I2010]
    1848 E3149 Long, Francis [I2398]
    1848-03-27 E3416 Hankinson, Susan [I2285]
    1848-04-15 E0849 Fauley, Louise Ansel [I2301]
    1848-06-27 E2890 Wilkins, William Taylor [I1833]
    1848-07-27 E2727 Weldon, William Absalom [I1471]
    1848-08-00 E0520 Brown, George [I1962]
    1849 E0237 Blizzard, Mary [I0588]
    1849 E1564 Lewis, Daniel [I2238]
    1849 E1704 McCoy, Sarah Jane [I2158]
    1849 E1937 Odom, Catherine Anna [I1830]
    1849 E2362 Vestal, Mary [I1547]
    1849 E2924 Holt, Lydia [I1985]
    1849 E3153 Long, John [I2399]
    1849-01-13 E2206 Starner, William Bill [I0670]
    1849-01-25 E2137 Simmons, Sarah A [I1558]
    1849-02-17 E2626 Weldon, Martha Caroline [I1725]
    1849-03-15 E1458 King, Susannah Welden [I2105]
    1849-04-00 E2131 Simmons, Joseph W [I1560]
    1849-04-03 E2386 Warrick, Robert Bromfield [I2237]
    1850 E0529 Brown, Melvin [I1968]
    1850 E0947 Harbour, Catherine [I0637]
    1850 E2614 Weldon, Lucy A [I1416]
    1850 E2623 Weldon, Martha [I1610]
    1850 E2826 Wilkins, Elizabeth [I1868]
    1850 E3037 McCoy, Manon [I2011]
    1850 E3064 Rodgers, John [I2041]
    1850 E3080 UNKNOWN, Louisa [I2070]
    1850-02-00 E1664 McCoy, Lucy [I2215]
    1850-07-00 E3017 Wright, Moriamna [I1997]
    1850-08-20 E3043 Wright, Sarah Ellen [I0367]
    1850-11-01 E2390 Warrick, Thomas Wiley [I2231]
    1851 E1686 McCoy, Rhoda [I2155]
    1851 E2127 Simmons, Elizabeth A [I1565]
    1851 E2283 Teel, Early Jackson [I1567]
    1851 E2729 Weldon, William M [I1513]
    1851 E3050 Wilkins, John [I2028]
    1851-05-20 E1428 King, Nancy Emaline [I0671]
    1852 E0231 Blizzard, Jno Wesley [I0590]
    1852 E0894 Freels, Mason Ann [I1643]
    1852 E1567 Lockwood, Laura J [I1473]
    1852 E1677 McCoy, Nancy E [I2193]
    1852 E1841 Myhand, Nancy Eleander [I1596]
    1852 E2608 Weldon, Lithia [I1418]
    1852 E2683 Weldon, Patsy [I1614]
    1852 E2820 Wilkins, Daniel Marion [I1877]
    1852 E3055 Holt, Sarah J [I0209]
    1852 E3059 Brasher, James [I1663]
    1852-02-20 E2888 Wilkins, William Henry [I1865]
    1852-09-26 E1665 McCoy, Margaret [I2240]
    1852-10-16 E1672 McCoy, Mary E [I2220]
    1853 E0223 Blizzard, Ellen Ann [I0593]
    1853 E1603 McCabe, Margaret C [I2345]
    1853 E1711 McCoy, Vincent H [I2221]
    1853 E2518 Weldon, George [I1615]
    1853 E2865 Wilkins, Nancy [I1869]
    1853 E3051 Wilkins, Henry [I2031]
    1853 E3065 Rodgers, Lucinda [I2042]
    1853 E3073 Wilkins, Eli C [I1835]
    1853 E3087 Long, Charles Beale [I2143]
    1853-10-12 E1466 King, William Arthur [I2104]
    1853-11-19 E2588 Weldon, John Floyd [I1724]
    1853-12-18 E1693 McCoy, Robert Christopher [I2190]
    1854 E0256 Blizzard, Susan A [I0589]
    1854 E0525 Brown, Lewis [I1971]
    1854 E1648 McCoy, James B [I2194]
    1854 E2467 Weldon, Daniel [I1420]
    1854 E2855 Wilkins, Louise [I1867]
    1854 E3029 Weldon, Andrew J. [I2005]
    1854 E3038 McCoy, Mary [I2012]
    1854-01-15 E2276 Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth [I1518]
    1854-02-11 E1616 McCoy, Brumfield [I2163]
    1854-02-25 E2384 Warrick, Nancy Elizabeth [I2230]
    1854-08-00 E2130 Simmons, James B [I1556]
    1854-09-18 E1181 Hough, Amanda Catherine [I1901]
    1854-11-00 E3348 Barlow, Anselm J. [I2185]
    1854-12-03 E2394 Warrick, William Wesley [I2232]
    1855 E0680 Cyphers, Sarah Elizabeth [I2217]
    1855 E1663 McCoy, Lucianna [I2242]
    1855-01-01 E2188 Starner, Francis Marion [I2515]
    1855 E2563 Weldon, James R [I1516]
    1855 E3052 Wilkins, Bitha [I2035]
    1855 E3066 Rodgers, William III [I2046]
    1855-03-07 E1061 Holt, Elisha [I0176]
    1855-11-03 E2615 Weldon, Manerva Antonet [I1727]
    1856 E0719 Doherty, James Milton [I1892]
    1856 E2527 Weldon, Harriett [I1613]
    1856 E3041 McCoy, Luzana [I2013]
    1856 E3060 Brasher, Richard H [I1656]
    1856-02-28 E1408 King, Marquis DeLafayette [I2106]
    1856-03-11 E1625 McCoy, Elias [I2157]
    1857 E0206 Blizzard, Andrew [I0594]
    1857 E1638 McCoy, George W [I2241]
    1857 E1661 McCoy, John P [I2222]
    1857 E1670 McCoy, Mary B [I2192]
    1857 E2194 Starner, Harvey [I2523]
    1857 E2719 Weldon, Thomas Jefferson [I1514]
    1857 E3053 Wilkins, Filmore [I2040]
    1857 E3067 Rodgers, John [I2047]
    1857-01-20 E2380 Warrick, Mary A [I2229]
    1857-10-15 E0972 Hill, Matilda Ann [I2225]
    1857-12-09 E1759 McKee, James Robert [I2224]
    1857-12-10 E2419 Weldon, Albert David [I1718]
    1857-12-17 E1591 Martin, Martha Ann [I1585]
    1858 E0222 Blizzard, Elizabeth [I0597]
    1858 E0652 Cormick, Mahalia [I1886]
    1858 E1407 King, Marcia [I2110]
    1858 E1629 McCoy, Fielding [I2256]
    1858 E2634 Weldon, Mary [I1618]
    1858 E2807 Wilkins, Addie C [I1866]
    1858 E3042 McCoy, Rhoda [I2014]
    1858 E3061 Brasher, Nancy K [I1661]
    1858 E3068 Rodgers, Edward F. [I2049]
    1858-01-16 E1484 Klingler, George [I0714]
    1858-06-07 E0259 Blizzard, Timothy Cumming [I0564]
    1858-07-27 E1652 McCoy, John Sr. [I0256]
    1859 E1692 McCoy, Robert A [I2223]
    1859 E2289 UNKNOWN, Annie [I2534]
    1859 E2569 Weldon, Jasper C [I1515]
    1859 E2630 Weldon, Mary [I1412]
    1859 E2829 Wilkins, Fillmore [I1848]
    1859 E2847 Wilkins, Jessa T [I1878]
    1859 E3022 Neutzling, Catherine [I2002]
    1859 E3045 McCoy, Nancy E. [I2015]
    1859 E3072 Wilkins, Elizabeth L [I1836]
    1859 E3076 Brown, Wilson [I2061]
    1859 E3089 Archer, Marinda Anne [I2144]
    1859-02-17 E2375 Warrick, James Lafayette [I2234]
    1859-09-17 E0843 Estes, William Zachery [I1500]
    1859-12-00 E0523 Brown, John M [I1941]
    1860 E0559 Burkey, William [I3476]
    1860 E0785 Ennis, Laura [I1170]
    1860 E0983 Hillis, Ellen [I0663]
    1860 E2806 Wilkins, Adaline [I1850]
    1860 E2815 Wilkins, Catherine [I1855]
    1860-02-00 E2505 Weldon, Epsy [I1645]
    1860-03-12 E2425 Weldon, Amanda [I1709]
    1860-05-16 E1697 McCoy, Roda E [I2195]
    1860-07-04 E3440 Holley, John Bailey [I2287]
    1860-09-14 E0596 Camp, Martha Estaline [I1977]
    1860-11-27 E1565 Liles, Dona B [I1762]
    1861 E1669 McCoy, Mary A [I2258]
    1861 E2823 Wilkins, Eckford [I1872]
    1861 E3062 Brasher, Sarah E [I1660]
    1861 E3069 Rodgers, Elias [I2052]
    1861 E3074 UNKNOWN, Hanna [I2059]
    1861-03-00 E2616 Weldon, Margaret [I1138]
    1861-04-07 E0662 Cowan, Thomas Black [I2299]
    1861-04-20 E2643 Weldon, Mary Gwen [I1708]
    1861-07-02 E1619 McCoy, David C [I2160]
    1861-12-00 E1600 Maxey, Nancy [I1746]
    1862 E0758 Ennis, Elizabeth [I1171]
    1862 E2854 Wilkins, Levi [I1871]
    1862 E2871 Wilkins, Sarah E [I1876]
    1862-03-00 E0681 Cyphers, Willis [I2218]
    1862-10-20 E2392 Warrick, Vincent [I2228]
    1863 E0561 Burkey, Wilma [I3477]
    1863 E0994 Hillis, John T. [I0664]
    1863 E1495 Klingler, Martha M [I0717]
    1863 E3070 Rodgers, Andrew L. [I2053]
    1863-01-11 E0817 Ennis, William Benjamin [I1139]
    1863-03-00 E1680 McCoy, Nancy Helen [I2156]
    1863-05-21 E0839 Estes, Robert L [I1647]
    1863-07-27 E1575 Longstreth, Ellen Almeta [I1942]
    1864 E0587 Camp, Geroge Willard [I1974]
    1864 E1425 King, Minnie May [I2330]
    1864 E2856 Wilkins, Margaret Clementine [I1834]
    1864 E3063 Brasher, Thomas J [I1659]
    1864-06-20 E2382 Warrick, Millington [I2236]
    1864-10-17 E0245 Blizzard, Reese Sr. [I0595]
    1865 E2275 Taylor, Reese W [I0725]
    1865 E2844 Wilkins, James [I1870]
    1865 E0012 Longstreth, John [I1954]
    1865-03-00 E1598 Maxey, John [I1744]
    1865-03-26 E1531 Lehew, Mary Cecelia [I2334]
    1865-05-00 E0194 Bartow, Samuel H [I0051]
    1865-05-17 E1963 Partridge, William Henry [I1804]
    1865-10-06 E2083 Rodgers, Sarah Rebekah [I0563]
    1866-02-02 E2373 Warrick, Fielding [I2235]
    1866-03-14 E1796 Montgomery, James Henderson [I1790]
    1866-04-00 E2472 Weldon, Delia Vennie [I1482]
    1866-04-14 E3350 Ruthford, Mariah Blanch [I2271]
    1866-06-27 E2251 Stump, Lillie [I3685]
    1867 E0645 Collins, Doug [I0415]
    1867 E1630 McCoy, Frances M. [I2196]
    1867 E1722 McCoy, Zilpha E [I2257]
    1867-02-28 E0765 Ennis, James Jefferson [I1165]
    1867-03-07 E2260 Tarver, Jobe [I1710]
    1867-05-22 E3515 Withrow, Nancy E [I2366]
    1867-08-06 E2585 Weldon, John Asbury Jr. [I1691]
    1867-08-10 E2076 Ricks, Martha Emma [I1808]
    1867-10-06 E2641 Weldon, Mary Ella [I1475]
    1868 E0273 Blizzard, Williamson [I0596]
    1868 E0498 Brasher, Alonzo A [I1655]
    1868 E0598 Camp, Willard H. [I1976]
    1868 E0990 Hillis, Isabell C. [I0665]
    1868 E1107 Holt, John William [I0193]
    1868 E2887 Wilkins, William Clorts [I1853]
    1868 E3071 Rodgers, Mary S. [I2055]
    1868 E3075 Brown, Wesley W. [I2060]
    1868-02-27 E2487 Weldon, Elisha E [I1719]
    1868-08-20 E2377 Warrick, John Calvin [I2233]
    1869 E0239 Blizzard, Nancy A [I0592]
    1869 E0783 Ennis, Josephine [I1167]
    1869 E0847 Farmer, Ida Ellen [I0450]
    1869 E1517 Arnold, Sindrela [I0656]
    1869 E2249 Stump, Charles [I3689]
    1869 E2507 Weldon, Eugene [I1687]
    1869 E3083 McCoy, Calista [I2072]
    1869-03-10 E1959 Partridge, Jacob Jake [I1805]
    1869-05-22 E2738 Weldon, Willis Merril [I1476]
    1869-12-04 E2827 Wilkins, Ella Virginia [I1821]
    1870-01-22 E2656 Weldon, Minerva Rebecca [I1692]
    1870-02-16 E1579 Lucas, Lawrence Clinton [I2336]
    1870-05-00 E1597 Maxey, Florence E [I1747]
    1870-05-30 E2234 Stover, Ira D. [I0638]
    1870-07-15 E2567 Weldon, James Thomas [I1519]
    1870-12-00 E0536 Bruck, Sarah Augusta [I0069]
    1871 E1020 Hillis, William G [I0166]
    1871 E1031 Holland, Fanny [I0704]
    1871 E1957 Partridge, Florence [I1803]
    1871 E2456 Weldon, Betsy F [I1686]
    1871 E2830 Wilkins, Florence [I1856]
    1871 E2843 Wilkins, Isaac [I1874]
    1871 E3084 McCoy, Thomas J. [I2075]
    1871-04-00 E2171 Starner, Archibald W [I2097]
    1871-07-05 E2463 Weldon, Charles [I1520]
    1872-01-00 E0131 Austin, Ernest [I3693]
    1872 E0979 Hillis, Birddie [I0666]
    1872 E2866 Wilkins, Obedience [I1908]
    1872-08-07 E0813 Ennis, Thomas Wilson [I1166]
    1872-12-00 E1601 Maxey, Willie Mae [I1745]
    1873 E0535 Bruck, Elie [I2415]
    1873 E1047 Holt, Charles H [I0171]
    1873 E1956 Partridge, Alice [I1806]
    1873 E2078 Ricks, William A [I1810]
    1873 E2122 Simmons, Anabella [I1811]
    1873 E2213 Stover, Albert [I0629]
    1873 E2253 Stump, Nettie [I3690]
    1873 E2831 Wilkins, Frost Forrest [I1873]
    1873-03-18 E2192 Starner, Harley Otto [I2098]
    1873-04-02 E2639 Weldon, Mary Elizabeth [I1690]
    1873-05-10 E2704 Weldon, Sarah Alabama [I1685]
    1873-08-15 E2624 Weldon, Martha Ann [I1521]
    1874 E0978 Hillis, Andrew J. [I0667]
    1874 E1472 King, William Joseph [I2332]
    1874 E1609 McCarthy, Annie Marie [I2354]
    1874-01-28 E2782 Wilhelm, Charles E [I0346]
    1874-06-08 E2185 Starner, Evalina F [I0304]
    1875 E0202 Beckham, Alice [I1528]
    1875 E0220 Blizzard, Cora B [I0591]
    1875 E1415 King, Mary Catherine [I2328]
    1875 E2229 Stover, Emery [I0639]
    1875 E2879 Wilkins, Viola [I1854]
    1875 E2967 Wright, Eliza Stella [I0443]
    1875-01-03 E2839 Wilkins, Ida Nitre [I1905]
    1875-03-10 E1045 Holt, Bert Elmer [I0170]
    1875-04-15 E2553 Weldon, Jacob [I1696]
    1875-08-27 E1978 Phillips, Emma L [I1576]
    1875-12-05 E1112 Holt, Lillie May [I0468]
    1876 E1971 Phillips, Alice [I0474]
    1876 E2223 Stover, Dora B. [I0640]
    1876 E2853 Wilkins, Leon [I1849]
    1876-05-00 E2686 Weldon, Rachel [I1583]
    1876-07-19 E2421 Weldon, Alford Alexander [I1684]
    1876-07-31 E2410 Weldon, Abraham Jackson [I1485]
    1876-08-13 E2415 Weldon, Ada Melvina [I1522]
    1876-11-23 E3516 Withrow, Adam H [I2373]
    1876-12-25 E0589 Camp, James Burzilla [I1978]
    1877-05-27 E0883 Frantom, William [I1782]
    1877-08-02 E2071 Ricks, James Hillard [I1809]
    1878 E0538 Bruck, William [I2416]
    1878 E1004 Hillis, Mary [I0668]
    1878 E1400 King, Laura Blanche [I2314]
    1878 E1502 Klingler, Susannah Marie [I0237]
    1878 E2228 Stover, Elsey [I0641]
    1878 E2870 Wilkins, Samuel [I1851]
    1878 E3538 Moore, Thomas [I1952]
    1878-02-00 E2414 Weldon, Alice Ada [I1478]
    1878-02-17 E2447 Weldon, Anna Joan [I1693]
    1878-02-18 E2423 Weldon, Alice Ada [I1478]
    1878-05-17 E1715 McCoy, William Elcanah [I2226]
    1878-06-00 E2250 Stump, Esther [I3691]
    1878-06-27 E0720 Doherty, Payton M [I1893]
    1878-07-01 E1079 Holt, Frank Morgan [I0467]
    1879 E1090 Holt, Henson [I0188]
    1879 E1128 Holt, Newton D [I0199]
    1879 E2224 Stover, Elga [I0642]
    1879 E2859 Wilkins, Mary [I1852]
    1879-05-00 E2732 Weldon, William T [I1479]
    1879-06-00 E1929 Nichols, Lillian Mary [I2351]
    1879-06-01 E3517 Withrow, Josephine [I2445]
    1879-08-00 E1363 King, Birty B [I2307]
    1879-08-17 E2689 Weldon, Rilda Caroline [I1697]
    1879-10-05 E1118 Holt, Martin [I0473]
    1880 E0619 Cassady, Effie [I1748]
    1880 E0718 Doherty, Frank W [I1894]
    1880 E1125 Holt, Molly [I0196]
    1880 E3091 Long, William [I2145]
    1880-10-09 E2186 Starner, Florence Viola [I2096]
    1881-04-00 E2688 Weldon, Richard J [I1584]
    1881-04-20 E1076 Holt, Frank H [I0183]
    1881-08-00 E0831 Estes, Essie M [I1650]
    1881-08-07 E2538 Weldon, Ina Lena [I1480]
    1881-08-31 E2442 Weldon, Andrew Jackson Sr. [I1683]
    1881-10-13 E1356 King, Albert Clement [I2305]
    1881-11-11 E0594 Camp, Lelia Ann [I1975]
    1881-12-31 E2119 Shepard, Levi Lee [I1273]
    1881-12-31 E2670 Weldon, Newton Albert [I1769]
    1882 E2102 Ryan, Mathew N [I2363]
    1882 E2265 Taylor, Charles Albert [I0331]
    1882 E2318 UNKNOWN, Lillie [I0630]
    1882 E3092 Long, Jonas [I2146]
    1882-01-21 E2809 Wilkins, Arra Nettie [I1907]
    1882-02-00 E1699 McCoy, Rosa [I0255]
    1882-03-23 E2508 Weldon, Euphamia [I1695]
    1882-07-01 E2941 Withrow, Samuel Robert [I0552]
    1883 E1420 King, Mary M [I2329]
    1883-06-24 E0127 Austin, Charles Columbus [I2550]
    1883-07-16 E0207 Blizzard, Author [I0565]
    1883-08-29 E3351 Barlow, Charles Homer [I2273]
    1883-12-00 E2446 Weldon, Anna [I1481]
    1884 E3093 Long, Feaster Phremont [I0624]
    1884-04-16 E2164 Snow, Mary [I1186]
    1884-08-12 E1046 Holt, Cassius H [I0469]
    1884-08-18 E2707 Weldon, Sherrod Elias [I1768]
    1885 E1398 King, John Burgess [I2313]
    1885-01-05 E0805 Ennis, Oscar Bud [I1155]
    1885-02-10 E2431 Weldon, Amanda Melvina [I1548]
    1885-03-00 E1618 McCoy, Darley [I2152]
    1885-03-17 E2524 Weldon, Grover C [I1694]
    1885-09-20 E2609 Weldon, Lou [I1477]
    1885-11-21 E1953 Owens, Nettie Sophronia [I1775]
    1886 E0543 Burke, John B [I2282]
    1886 E1583 Lyons, Edward [I2338]
    1886 E3094 Long, Nola Francis [I2147]
    1886-03-28 E1763 Mclain, Ola Florence [I1729]
    1886-04-00 E3352 Barlow, Grace [I2276]
    1886-08-01 E0794 Ennis, Minnie Lee [I1153]
    1886-08-02 E0722 Donahue, Cecelia T [I2300]
    1886-09-02 E2434 Weldon, Amie Ed [I1770]
    1886-09-07 E0240 Blizzard, Omanie Inez [I0553]
    1886-09-23 E0855 Finnen, Charles Ross [I2302]
    1886-10-13 E2717 Weldon, Thomas Ervin [I1740]
    1886-11-09 E1048 Holt, Chester Glenn [I0172]
    1887 E0660 Cowan, Mary E [I2298]
    1887 E1360 King, Alice Elizabeth [I2306]
    1887 E2220 Stover, Carney [I0643]
    1887-04-11 E2821 Wilkins, DeWitt Duncan [I1904]
    1887-11-11 E0841 Estes, William Morgan [I1502]
    1888 E2533 Weldon, Herman [I1742]
    1888-01-21 E0249 Blizzard, Reese Jr. [I0707]
    1888-02-00 E0836 Estes, Lenard E [I1652]
    1888-05-30 E0261 Blizzard, Timothy Ross [I0566]
    1888-07-27 E2226 Stover, Ellie [I0644]
    1888-10-09 E0796 Ennis, Nancy Annie [I1154]
    1888-11-18 E2845 Wilkins, Jay B [I1903]
    1889-01-00 E0188 Bartow, Minnie [I0049]
    1889 E0633 Chenoweth, Herman A [I2290]
    1889 E0993 Hillis, Jessie [I0669]
    1889-01-10 E2294 UNKNOWN, Dera B [I1936]
    1889-05-28 E1784 Montgomery, Andrew Jackson [I1795]
    1889-06-00 E1643 McCoy, Howard [I0252]
    1889-07-29 E2768 White, Harvey Lee [I1568]
    1889-10-09 E0155 Barlow, Helen Mae [I0034]
    1890 E0811 Ennis, Thomas Jefferson [I1160]
    1890-01-00 E0838 Estes, Nannie C [I1505]
    1890 E1406 King, Loretta Margaret [I2327]
    1890 E2154 Snider, Jesse J [I2364]
    1890 E3095 Long, Shirley [I2148]
    1890-01-04 E1169 Holt, William E [I0451]
    1890-07-00 E1644 McCoy, James [I0253]
    1890-07-11 E2813 Wilkins, Bert Rothwell Sr. [I1887]
    1890-09-30 E2367 Wallace, Gertrude W [I1788]
    1891 E0527 Brown, Mary [I1943]
    1891 E0632 Chenoweth, Hendhel [I2289]
    1891 E2600 Weldon, Lee [I1741]
    1891-01-07 E2531 Weldon, Henry [I1763]
    1891-02-24 E0829 Estes, Emory Afton [I1501]
    1891-12-23 E0200 Bartow, William George [I0053]
    1892 E0244 Blizzard, Pearl [I0705]
    1892 E1378 King, Florence H [I2309]
    1892 E2668 Weldon, Nancy M [I1772]
    1892 E3096 Long, Caroline [I2244]
    1892-04-19 E1949 Ogg, Myra Luella [I1888]
    1892-05-04 E1791 Montgomery, Elizabeth Martha [I1796]
    1892-06-00 E3353 Barlow, Jessie [I2283]
    1892-06-18 E1403 King, Lillie Blanche [I2316]
    1892-09-19 E0270 Blizzard, William H [I0567]
    1892-09-28 E0740 Ennis, Anna Mae [I1151]
    1892-10-21 E2336 UNKNOWN, Mini K [I2535]
    1893-01-00 E0178 Bartow, Emmie [I0045]
    1893-03-30 E1069 Holt, Elizabeth L [I0455]
    1893-06-00 E0837 Estes, Mattie V [I1653]
    1893-07-30 E0251 Blizzard, Walter Ray [I0708]
    1893-08-08 E1307 Jarrell, Hubert Forrest [I0727]
    1893-09-20 E2694 Weldon, Ruby Carl [I1530]
    1893-10-30 E1789 Montgomery, Della Jane [I1801]
    1894 E1121 Holt, Mary Ethel [I0475]
    1894 E2282 Taylor, William R [I0724]
    1894-01-14 E2449 Weldon, Arthur S [I1764]
    1894-01-17 E2875 Wilkins, Travis Boss [I1902]
    1894-09-18 E3355 Barlow, Isabel [I2303]
    1894-10-05 E1176 Honaker, Ressie Lee [I0951]
    1894-11-00 E0190 Bartow, Phoebe [I0046]
    1894-11-29 E0792 Ennis, Mattie Olean [I1159]
    1894-11-30 E2578 Weldon, John [I1534]
    1895 E0224 Blizzard, Ethel B [I0703]
    1895 E1042 Holt, Belva [I0479]
    1895 E2767 White, Florence M [I0342]
    1895 E3097 Long, Lydia [I2245]
    1895 E3296 Arnold, Charles E. [I2413]
    1895-02-26 E1083 Holt, George Clarence [I0452]
    1895-02-27 E2493 Weldon, Elmo E [I1739]
    1895-03-08 E0232 Blizzard, Lana Bell [I0568]
    1895-04-00 E0835 Estes, John T [I1649]
    1895-05-19 E2722 Weldon, Walter A [I1578]
    1895-06-14 E1380 King, Francis [I2310]
    1895-11-14 E2790 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351]
    1895-12-30 E1782 Montgomery, Alice Belle [I1800]
    1896 E0675 Cruikshanks, Lave Rae [I0573]
    1896-01-09 E2832 Wilkins, Hattie Ora [I1906]
    1896-03-00 E1628 McCoy, Everett [I0251]
    1896-08-11 E2468 Weldon, David D [I1767]
    1896-09-00 E0827 Estes, Bessie L [I1648]
    1896-09-24 E0997 Hillis, Laura D [I0151]
    1896-11-00 E0809 Ennis, Robert Lee [I1157]
    1896-12-04 E1049 Holt, Chester W [I0454]
    1897-03-00 E0834 Estes, Ida Bell [I1504]
    1897-03-09 E3356 Barlow, Gilbert B. [I2337]
    1897-06-20 E0157 Bartow, Charles P [I0038]
    1897-08-21 E2603 Weldon, Lester L [I1577]
    1898-01-06 E1793 Montgomery, James Dossie [I1791]
    1898-02-00 E1386 King, Helen M [I2311]
    1898-02-17 E1416 King, Mary Elizabeth [I1916]
    1898-04-00 E0828 Estes, Charlie M [I1651]
    1898-10-18 E0985 Hillis, Florance C [I0168]
    1898-11-20 E0822 Ennis, Willie Lee [I0373]
    1899 E0243 Blizzard, Paul [I0706]
    1899 E1058 Holt, Edwin [I0481]
    1899 E1500 Klingler, Rose [I3512]
    1899 E2314 UNKNOWN, Irene [I0764]
    1899-02-03 E2627 Weldon, Marvin D [I1765]
    1899-06-28 E1770 Merkle, LeRoy Paul Sr. [I3531]
    1899-07-00 E1655 McCoy, John Jr. [I0657]
    1899-10-27 E0530 Brown, Tacy P [I0070]
    1900 E2313 UNKNOWN, Hester N [I1304]
    1900 E2948 Wood, Sarah Annie [I0374]
    1900-01-23 E3357 Barlow, Mary Catherin [I2339]
    1900-03-03 E2697 Weldon, Sam R [I1751]
    1900-03-12 E1017 Hillis, Walter [I0164]
    1900-04-06 E0168 Bartow, Daniel E [I0216]
    1900-08-07 E1808 Montgomery, Susie Ida [I1792]
    1900-09-00 E1085 Holt, Grace [I0453]
    1900-12-05 E0226 Blizzard, Frank Reese [I0584]
    1900-12-27 E0646 Collins, Pearl Eugenia [I2536]
    1901 E0242 Blizzard, Pansy L [I0701]
    1901 E1402 King, Leo W [I2315]
    1901-10-24 E2515 Weldon, Fredrick F [I1771]
    1902 E1115 Holt, Marjorie [I0480]
    1902 E1366 King, Catherine F [I2308]
    1902 E2317 UNKNOWN, Laura M [I2372]
    1902-02-08 E0945 Harbert, Mabel Ruth [I0422]
    1902-03-11 E2453 Weldon, Bertha C [I1750]
    1902-03-19 E1024 Hillis, William Raymond [I0167]
    1903 E3086 McCoy, Martha [I2078]
    1903 E3382 Barlow, Ethel A. [I2349]
    1903-07-15 E1593 Mauk, Mattie Irene [I1910]
    1903-08-17 E3468 Swineford, Willard Albert [I2466]
    1903-09-12 E1804 Montgomery, Rosa Anna [I1794]
    1904 E0133 Austin, Mary M [I2551]
    1904 E0976 Hillis, Albert W [I0143]
    1904 E1056 Holt, Dorothy Jane [I0476]
    1904 E1462 King, Verna R [I2379]
    1904 E2225 Stover, Ella M [I0633]
    1904 E2613 Weldon, Lucile [I1759]
    1904 E3508 Smith, Wallace Westley [I0298]
    1904-02-02 E3507 Barlow, Benjamin [I2340]
    1905 E0879 Frantom, John P [I1787]
    1905 E2246 Stover, Walter [I0634]
    1905-01-04 E2558 Weldon, James Alfred [I1529]
    1905-01-12 E0832 Estes, Holly [I1503]
    1905-02-05 E1626 McCoy, Ethel [I0250]
    1905-04-09 E2465 Weldon, Clara B [I1766]
    1905-11-19 E0988 Hillis, Guy E [I0128]
    1905-11-22 E1478 Klingler, Cecilia [I3510]
    1906 E0134 Austin, Minnie M [I2552]
    1906 E1396 King, John A [I2312]
    1906 E2510 Weldon, Florence [I1760]
    1906 E2528 Weldon, Hazel [I1737]
    1906-03-12 E1806 Montgomery, Ruby May [I1793]
    1907 E1170 Holt, William Leroy [I0477]
    1907 E2452 Weldon, Barnie A [I1781]
    1907 E3098 Nott, Earnest [I2323]
    1907-04-16 E2340 UNKNOWN, Ollie C [I2537]
    1907-05-18 E2214 Stover, Amie Elze [I0306]
    1907-06-06 E2939 Withrow, Roy Ray [I0560]
    1907-11-13 E3484 Porter, Homer T. [I3702]
    1907-11-23 E0179 Bartow, Harry A [I0218]
    1907-12-03 E0650 Conway, Martha Priscilla [I1699]
    1908 E0132 Austin, Howard S [I2553]
    1908 E1010 Hillis, Rose Ann [I0159]
    1908 E2530 Weldon, Henry [I1735]
    1908 E2911 Wilson, Bryan [I0356]
    1908-01-29 E2724 Weldon, Will E [I1749]
    1908-09-01 E2497 Weldon, Emery Elbert [I1531]
    1908-12-04 E1787 Montgomery, Clara Leola [I1798]
    1909 E0881 Frantom, Lewis L [I1786]
    1909 E0987 Hillis, George [I0147]
    1909 E1623 McCoy, Edith [I0249]
    1909 E2343 UNKNOWN, Ruth M [I2375]
    1909 E2541 Weldon, Irvine I [I1777]
    1909 E2933 Withrow, Gladys [I0559]
    1909 E3099 Nott, Doug [I2324]
    1909-03-29 E3469 Anderson, Ethyl Gertude [I2467]
    1909-05-04 E1072 Holt, Ethyl Isabel [I0180]
    1909-07-19 E2311 Reynolds, Helen F [I0628]
    1909-07-24 E2765 White, Dovie Maud [I1569]
    1909-08-01 E0254 Blizzard, Roy Maxine [I3710]
    1910 E1109 Holt, Juanita [I0478]
    1910 E2233 Stover, Ira [I0635]
    1910 E2514 Weldon, Frank [I1736]
    1910 E2536 Weldon, Hester [I1761]
    1910-02-07 E2519 Weldon, George [I1753]
    1910-03-23 E0174 Bartow, Delmer H [I0217]
    1910-07-21 E2742 Weldon, Zella M [I1580]
    1910-09-12 E2762 White, Aaron Weldon [I1570]
    1911 E0225 Blizzard, Fanny [I0702]
    1911 E0659 Covey, Harold J [I0549]
    1911 E1005 Hillis, Nora [I0154]
    1911 E2104 Ryan, Robert [I2355]
    1911 E2319 UNKNOWN, M. Oleta [I2540]
    1911 E3101 Nott, Roy [I2326]
    1911-01-08 E2601 Weldon, Lee Worth [I1532]
    1911-01-19 E1802 Montgomery, Oma Ethel [I1797]
    1911-02-22 E1116 Holt, Martha Washington [I0194]
    1911-02-24 E2934 Withrow, Merle Faye [I0554]
    1911-02-24 E2936 Withrow, Myrtle May [I0550]
    1911-03-12 E0724 Duncan, Ambrose Everett [I0103]
    1911-04-17 E1572 Long, Luie [I0014]
    1911-08-02 E2811 Wilkins, Bert Rothwell Jr. [I1890]
    1911-09-25 E2818 Wilkins, Curtis N [I1937]
    1912 E3362 Derksen, Pietertje [I2341]
    1912-03-28 E1765 Meadows, Gladys Mae [I3642]
    1912-09-10 E2350 UNKNOWN, Velma M [I2538]
    1912-09-10 E2455 Weldon, Bertie Iris [I1776]
    1912-09-21 E0767 Ennis, James Perry [I1158]
    1912-11-05 E2740 Weldon, Woodrow W [I1752]
    1913 E0880 Frantom, Leroy [I1783]
    1913 E2097 Ryan, Donald [I2356]
    1913 E2570 Weldon, Jewel [I1734]
    1913 E3102 Nott, Woodrow [I2331]
    1913 E3292 King, Francis [I2432]
    1913-03-31 E1013 Hillis, Thomas J. [I0163]
    1913-05-08 E2297 UNKNOWN, Eleanor M [I0645]
    1913-05-08 E3544 UNKNOWN, Helen Margaret [I2600]
    1913-09-12 E2258 Tarver, Alva [I1711]
    1913-11-16 E0911 Glieco, Louis P. [I1940]
    1913-12-18 E1799 Montgomery, John William [I1799]
    1914 E0193 Bartow, Samuel F [I2259]
    1914 E0487 Bookman, Zelma Lee [I1713]
    1914 E2848 Wilkins, John [I1938]
    1914 E3103 Nott, Opal [I2346]
    1914-02-02 E3474 UNKNOWN, Ethel L. [I2468]
    1914-06-24 E1318 Jordan, Charles [I1297]
    1914-10-00 E2928 Withrow, Bonnie [I0558]
    1914-10-18 E0186 Bartow, Lorena L [I0048]
    1914-10-21 E2771 White, Randolph Beecher [I1571]
    1914-10-25 E2675 Weldon, Odis Allen [I1533]
    1914-12-13 E1087 Holt, Gwyneth W [I0185]
    1914-12-13 E1154 Holt, Sennith Geraldine [I0210]
    1915 E0189 Bartow, Phillis L [I2589]
    1915 E0250 Blizzard, Richard R [I0952]
    1915 E2540 Weldon, Ira D [I1778]
    1915 E3293 King, Charles [I2433]
    1915 E3297 Arnold, Charles E Jr. [I2419]
    1915-05-01 E0815 Ennis, Vesta Mae [I1156]
    1915-10-13 E2503 Weldon, Emory Linson [I1579]
    1915-12-13 E0999 Hillis, Lee Edward [I0152]
    1916 E0878 Frantom, Elizebeth L [I1784]
    1916 E2101 Ryan, Margaret [I2357]
    1916 E2873 Wilkins, Taylor [I1939]
    1916 E2942 Withrow, Violet Tessie [I0562]
    1916 E2894 Weldon, Luther E [I1581]
    1916 E3104 Nott, Helen [I2352]
    1916-05-09 E2816 Wilkins, Curenne Myra [I1889]
    1916-08-13 E0257 Blizzard, Thelma Louise [I0954]
    1916-10-16 E0196 Bartow, Samuel M [I0052]
    1916-12-16 E0263 Blizzard, William C [I0571]
    1917 E2100 Ryan, Loretta [I2358]
    1917 E2478 Weldon, Dott [I1757]
    1917 E2537 Weldon, Hilda [I1733]
    1917 E3294 King, Ruth [I2434]
    1917 E3298 Arnold, Lillian E. [I2420]
    1917-09-10 E1084 Holt, Gilbert Buel [I0184]
    1917-09-10 E3510 Holt, Clarence Eugene [I2365]
    1917-11-15 E2652 Weldon, Milton Etheldred [I1779]
    1918 E0166 Bartow, Clarnece [I2590]
    1918 E0235 Blizzard, Marguerite I [I0572]
    1918 E0882 Frantom, Mammie A [I1785]
    1918 E2105 Ryan, William [I2359]
    1918-11-09 E0807 Ennis, Phoebe Jane [I1152]
    1918-12-30 E2788 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Jr. [I0350]
    1919 E0185 Bartow, Ina L [I0047]
    1919 E1460 King, Thomas Robert [I2325]
    1919 E2444 Weldon, Andrew Jackson Jr. [I1731]
    1919 E2607 Weldon, Lillie Gertude [I1758]
    1919 E3295 King, Joseph [I2436]
    1919-01-20 E0233 Blizzard, Leroy K [I0955]
    1919-02-02 E0772 Ennis, James William [I1140]
    1919-04-15 E1091 Holt, Irma Faye [I0189]
    1919-05-30 E3531 Austin, Kennard [I2496]
    1920 E2156 Snider, Margaret A [I2367]
    1920 E3299 Arnold, Hellen R. [I2422]
    1920-01-26 E0182 Bartow, Helen M [I0262]
    1920-02-05 E0995 Hillis, Kathleen [I0150]
    1920-10-05 E2720 Weldon, Vernie Ivalee [I1780]
    1921 E2687 Weldon, Rex [I1732]
    1921 E2781 Wilhelm, Betty J [I0345]
    1921 E3105 Casey, Lamona [I2376]
    1921 E3463 Deal, Lillian [I2385]
    1921-01-20 E2877 Wilkins, Travis Bud [I1912]
    1921-05-23 E1123 Holt, Miriam Phyllis [I0195]
    1922 E0199 Bartow, William G [I0054]
    1922 E0221 Blizzard, Earldine H [I1302]
    1922 E0236 Blizzard, Marie [I0953]
    1922 E0759 Ennis, Elofgie [I1144]
    1922 E2479 Weldon, Edna M [I1755]
    1922 E3533 Austin, Kathleen [I2510]
    1922-04-16 E2837 Wilkins, Henry Taylor [I1911]
    1922-10-29 E0162 Bartow, Chester E [I0040]
    1923 E3106 Casey, Irene [I2377]
    1923 E3108 McCarty, Marion Elza [I2381]
    1923-06-14 E0209 Blizzard, Bernard Karl [I0956]
    1924 E0762 Ennis, Harvig L [I1143]
    1924 E2162 Snider, William A [I2370]
    1924 E2571 Weldon, Joe A [I1756]
    1924 E2943 Arnold, E. Joan [I2423]
    1924-02-10 E0191 Bartow, Ruby I [I0050]
    1925 E0177 Bartow, Dwight B [I0044]
    1925 E0230 Blizzard, Jeanne [I0957]
    1925 E2099 Ryan, Kenneth [I2360]
    1925-05-06 E0215 Blizzard, Bernard Ray [I1303]
    1926 E0172 Bartow, Delmar W [I0042]
    1926 E2103 Ryan, Richard [I2361]
    1926 E2805 Wilkins, Jack E [I1913]
    1926-08-09 E2734 Weldon, William Thomas [I1705]
    1927 E0776 Ennis, Jaud M [I1145]
    1927 E2529 Weldon, Hellen [I1754]
    1927 E3107 Casey, Bonnie Louise [I2378]
    1927-10-26 E2560 Weldon, James Conway [I1703]
    1928 E0176 Bartow, Donald W [I0043]
    1928 E2098 Ryan, Joan [I2362]
    1928 E2716 Weldon, Thomas [I1730]
    1928-08-24 E0624 Casteel, Laverne [I1815]
    1929 E0161 Bartow, Charles W [I0039]
    1929 E0167 Bartow, Dale D [I0041]
    1929 E0539 Burdette, Lawrence [I0726]
    1929 E2160 Snider, Rebecca Louise [I2369]
    1929 E2951 Woolverton, Lucy Ann [I1812]
    1929 E2944 Arnold, Jullia S. [I2424]
    1929-07-31 E2092 Rowe, Robert Walter [I0287]
    1929-08-22 E2579 Weldon, John Allan [I1700]
    1930 E1298 Hunter, Jay [I0224]
    1930-05-02 E3459 Stover, Charles Randall [I0557]
    1930-05-30 E3465 Wallace, John [I2426]
    1930-11-00 E3486 Porter, Nedra Marie [I2477]
    1931 E2917 Wilson, Martha Vivian [I0359]
    1932 E3488 Porter, Norman Edward [I2478]
    1932-05-30 E3456 Stover, Lula Bell [I0627]
    1932-08-22 E2457 Weldon, Bobbie Lee [I1704]
    1932-10-20 E2473 Weldon, Donald Leon [I1702]
    1933 E2158 Snider, Nancy Ruth [I2368]
    1934 E0726 Duncan, Robert Everett [I0104]
    1934 E2914 Wilson, Helen Elizabeth [I0358]
    1934 E3489 Porter, Norval Ronnie [I2479]
    1934-01-06 E2475 Weldon, Dorothy Jean [I1714]
    1934-03-29 E3454 Stover, Roy Chester [I0311]
    1934-06-07 E1308 Covey, Letha Daphine [I0091]
    1935-02-21 E1320 Jordan, Charles Richard [I1298]
    1935-07-20 E2564 Weldon, James Richard [I1715]
    1936 E3491 Porter, Ronald Gene [I2481]
    1936-06-28 E3460 Stover, Rex Denver [I0323]
    1937-06-26 E0774 Ennis, Janean [I1142]
    1937-06-26 E0781 Ennis, Johnny L [I1141]
    1937-09-27 E2930 Withrow, Eddie Mitchelle [I3649]
    1938 E3490 Porter, Annita [I2480]
    1938-03-03 E3447 Swineford, Joan Irene [I0334]
    1938-09-13 E3461 Stover, Esther Voncele [I0328]
    1939-12-24 E2500 Weldon, Emery Elbert Jr [I1716]
    1940 E3492 Porter, Elzora Jane [I2482]
    1940-04-01 E3446 Stover, Gene Matthew [I0314]
    1942-04-07 E2932 Withrow, Ettie Mae [I3655]
    1942-06-28 E2786 Wilhelm, Donald Frederick [I0348]
    1943 E1300 Isel, George E [I0227]
    1943 E3109 McCarty, Earnest Marion [I2382]
    1943-01-12 E3453 Stover, Bonnie May [I0307]
    1943-02-15 E0484 Bodkins, Charlene W [I0063]
    1944 E3493 Porter, Homer Tennyson [I2483]
    1944-12-03 E2938 Withrow, Roy Pete [I3656]
    1945-02-07 E2673 Weldon, Odis Alfred [I1701]
    1945-06-12 E2218 Stover, Carl Worthy I [I0309]
    1945-09-10 E1761 McKenzie, Judy C [I0257]
    1946 E3110 McCarty, Joann Marie [I2383]
    1947-12-13 E3457 Stover, Mary Elaine [I0313]
    1948-05-01 E2316 UNKNOWN, Judy [I0012]
    1948-12-26 E0658 Covey, Arbutis Marvella [I0090]
    1948-12-28 E2931 Withrow, Emmett Roger [I3657]
    1950 E3111 McCarty, Roger Lee [I2387]
    1950-01-18 E3455 Stover, Lester Fremont [I0321]
    1950-11-21 E2929 Withrow, Charles Everett [I3658]
    1951 E2913 Wilson, Georgia Roxanne [I0357]
    1951-04-00 E3494 Porter, Lary Gail [I2484]
    1952 E3464 Stover, Jerry Daryl [I2386]
    1952-01-28 E2470 Weldon, Debra Kay [I1813]
    1952-10-26 E3458 Stover, Roxanne [I0324]
    1953-05-00 E3495 Boston, Bonnita [I2486]
    1953-08-01 E0974 Hill, Robert Earl [I1196]
    1958 E1299 Hunter, Jay Martin [I0225]
    1958 E3466 Wallace, Anthony [I2427]
    1963 E1297 Hunter, David Bryan [I0223]
    1963-02-09 E2219 Stover, Carl Worthy II [I0310]
    1965-01-17 E2217 Stover, Brenda [I0308]
    1965-03-00 E3502 Plumley, Norman [I0280]
    1966-04-02 E2231 Stover, Heath [I0316]
    1966-11-14 E2166 Snyder, Gary W [I0299]
    1967-07-04 E2793 Wilhelm, Frederick Peter [I0001]
    1967-11-00 E3501 Ward, Linda [I0341]
    1967-12-00 E3503 Barker, Becky [I0032]
    1969-10-10 E3450 Stover, Charles Matthew [I2380]
    1971-10-08 E2804 Wilhelm, Sheilo W. [I0355]
    1972-04-21 E2324 Rainy, Margie [I0335]
    1973-04-12 E2230 Stover, Glenn [I0315]
    1975-02-23 E2238 Stover, Jason [I0317]
    1978-06-12 E2245 Stover, Tina M. [I0327]
    1979-04-10 E3498 Stover, Jamie [I2490]
    1980-09-12 E2239 Stover, John W. [I0318]
    1982-09-00 E3499 Nida, Scott [I2507]
    1986-03-23 E2244 Stover, Sarajoviah Lynn [I0326]
    1987-06-19 E2240 Stover, Kyle [I0319]
    1988 E3497 Miller, Martin [I2504]
    1988-09-00 E3500 Nida, Narissa [I2509]
    1989-09-01 E2785 Wilhelm, Christopher Frederick [I0347]
    1991-10-00 E2221 Stover, Cori Dawn [I0312]
    1992-07-30 E3482 Quest, Amanda May [I2475]
    1993-08-00 E2243 Stover, Ryan [I0325]
    1994-03-23 E2212 Stover, Aaron Hank [I0305]
    1994-06-01 E3477 Stover, Paige Victoria [I2470]
    1995-04-03 E2241 Stover, Kymberly Mariah [I0320]
    1996-12-10 E3478 Stover, Chase Matthew [I2471]
    1997-05-22 E3481 Griffith, Miranda May [I2473]
    1997-12-19 E2803 Wilhelm, Nathaniel Dean [I0354]
    2005-05-17 E2787 Wilhelm, Ethan Hunter [I0349]
    2006-08-15 E0000 Wilhelm, Joshua Cage [I0352]
    2006-11-18 E0950 Harrington, Aiden [I0133]
    2007-10-19 E0150 Baker, Logan Chase [I0031]
    2007-11-21 E0497 Boyd, Rialee Michelle [I0067]
    2007-12-22 E2242 Stover, Maggie [I0322]
    2008-09-00 E2222 Stover, Dakota [I2492]
    2008-10-00 E3359 Harrington, Addalynn [I2499]
    2009-05-00 E3360 Stover, Gabereal [I2500]
    2009-09-14 E3340 Boyd, Austin [I2498]
    2009-11-13 E3384 Hopkins, Tristan [I2502]
B Blessing 1669-09-09 E0698 Dennis, John Jr. [I2930]
    1671-12-07 E0702 Dennis, Mary Or Maria [I2932]
    1673-07-18 E0709 Dennis, Sarah [I0098]
    1723 E1231 Hunt, Gershom [I2960]
B Burial E0300 Bloomfield, Ezekiel Sr. [I0405]
    E0710 Dennis, Sarah [I0098]
    E0859 Fitz Randolph, Benjamin Sr. [I0111]
    E1232 Hunt, Gershom [I2960]
    E1604 McCabe, Margaret C [I2345]
    E1621 McCoy, David Franklin [I2205]
    E1773 Mershon, Rebekah [I0259]
    E2032 Fitz Randolph, Job [I3016]
    E2201 Starner, Lewis [I2513]
    E3418 Hankinson, Susan [I2285]
    E3419 Starner, William Bill [I0670]
    E3420 Starner, Francis Marion [I2515]
    E3421 La Barr, Rachel [I0673]
    E3424 Yarger, Elizabeth [I2286]
    E3425 Starner, Harley Otto [I2098]
    E3426 Starner, Hiram [I2518]
    E3433 Rodgers, Sarah Rebekah [I0563]
    E3471 Anderson, Ethyl Gertude [I2467]
    E3473 Swineford, Willard Albert [I2466]
    12-09-1973 E3535 Blizzard, Omanie Inez [I0553]
    E3546 UNKNOWN, Helen Margaret [I2600]
    1640-12-12 E0480 Blossom, Elizabeth [I0060]
    1803-01-26 E0462 Bloomfield, Timothy Jr. [I2880]
    1808-04-04 E0338 Bloomfield, John [I2887]
    1811-04-25 E1370 King, Christopher [I2137]
    1813-07-15 E1393 King, John Sr. [I2139]
    1818-05-14 E1440 King, Phillip III [I2113]
    1823-10-04 E0355 Bloomfield, Joseph [I2848]
    1842-10-06 E1817 Moore, Margaret [I2546]
    1843-03-18 E0508 Brooke, Anne [I2112]
    1846-03-24 E1436 King, Philip IV [I2123]
    1846-11-10 E1167 Holt, William Jr. [I0521]
    1856-03-03 E1388 King, Jesse [I2102]
    1857-02-14 E1464 King, William [I2131]
    1858 E3437 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3610]
    1862-09-17 E0770 Ennis, James Weaver [I1183]
    1863 E0752 Ennis, Benjamin Thomas [I1182]
    1867-07-26 E1659 McCoy, John L [I2202]
    1871-05-30 E2883 Wilkins, William [I1486]
    1879-05-03 E2326 UNKNOWN, Mariah J [I1607]
    1886-03-09 E1507 Kuss, Anna Susanna [I0239]
    1888-06-25 E1315 Jones, Sarah Matilda [I1875]
    1888-10-29 E1924 Neutzling, Petri Sr. [I0375]
    1894-04-30 E3307 Starner, Charles [I0672]
    1895-10-10 E2650 Weldon, Milton Alfred [I1434]
    1896-01-27 E1470 King, William Jesse [I2099]
    1897-10-04 E2583 Weldon, John Asbury Sr. [I1537]
    1898-06-26 E0622 Cassady, Sarah Ann [I1717]
    1901-07-21 E0779 Ennis, John Marion [I1178]
    1902-01-08 E3524 Wilhelm, Charles E [I0346]
    1902-01-29 E2835 Wilkins, Henry Levi [I1488]
    1902-03-30 E3306 Starner, Archibald W [I2097]
    1902-11-28 E2586 Weldon, John Asbury Jr. [I1691]
    1903-04-12 E3522 Wilhelm, Martin [I0353]
    1905-08-17 E2074 Ricks, John Benjamin [I1807]
    1906-02-12 E2754 Whatley, Levi [I1840]
    1907-03-31 E2482 Weldon, Elias [I1666]
    1908 E3444 Weldon, Margaret [I1138]
    1908-12-03 E3529 Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1909 E3443 Camp, James Ezra [I1973]
    1910 E0820 Ennis, William Pinkney [I1150]
    1911 E2619 Weldon, Margaret Emma [I1667]
    1912-09-23 E2550 Weldon, Jacob [I1536]
    1913 E2290 UNKNOWN, Annie [I2534]
    1914-07-30 E3309 Starner, Elanor [I2524]
    1916 E2534 Weldon, Herman [I1742]
    1916 E3428 King, Alfred Burgess [I2107]
    1916-01-22 E3343 Starner, Jackson [I2519]
    1916-07-14 E0533 Brown, Thomas C [I1966]
    1916-12-20 E0643 Cole, Elizabeth Carline [I1688]
    1917-02-10 E3414 Hankinson, Peter N. [I2284]
    1918-02-01 E1831 Murray, Eliza Jane [I2533]
    1918-06-10 E2592 Weldon, John Wesley [I1608]
    1918-11-30 E3354 Starner, Morris [I2516]
    1919-08-16 E2432 Weldon, Amanda Melvina [I1548]
    1920-03-09 E3305 Hillis, Kathleen [I0150]
    1920-10-17 E0738 Ellison, Rachel Ann Elizabeth [I2531]
    1923 E1467 King, William Arthur [I2104]
    1923-12-28 E1529 Ledbetter, Sarah Frances [I1682]
    1925 E3429 Weldon, Andrew Jackson [I1415]
    1926 E1639 McCoy, George W [I2241]
    1928-04-14 E3411 Starner, Caroline [I2514]
    1929 E3442 Holley, John Bailey [I2287]
    1931 E3430 Long, Charles Beale [I2143]
    1933-06-22 E2261 Tarver, Jobe [I1710]
    1934 E3427 Weldon, Albert David [I1718]
    1934-01-10 E2476 Weldon, Dorothy Jean [I1714]
    1934-08-21 E2125 Simmons, Andrew R [I1553]
    1934-10-07 E0850 Fauley, Louise Ansel [I2301]
    1937-04-25 E1404 King, Lillie Blanche [I2316]
    1938-02-10 E2426 Weldon, Amanda [I1709]
    1939-07-16 E1797 Montgomery, James Henderson [I1790]
    1940-02-02 E2235 Stover, Ira D. [I0638]
    1942-02-10 E3308 Starner, Etna B [I2521]
    1943-03-11 E0663 Cowan, Thomas Black [I2299]
    1943-11-30 E2657 Weldon, Minerva Rebecca [I1692]
    1944 E3445 Ennis, Thomas Wilson [I1166]
    1946 E3439 Camp, Martha Estaline [I1977]
    1947-05-24 E1532 Lehew, Mary Cecelia [I2334]
    1947-06-08 E1580 Lucas, Lawrence Clinton [I2336]
    1949-03-11 E2498 Weldon, Emery Elbert [I1531]
    1950 E3432 Holt, Charles H [I0171]
    1951-01-07 E2561 Weldon, James Conway [I1703]
    1951-05-02 E3379 Barlow, Gilbert B. [I2337]
    1952-12-16 E3346 Barlow, Helen Mae [I0034]
    1953 E3438 Camp, Lelia Ann [I1975]
    1956-12-21 E3551 Jarrell, Hubert Forrest [I0727]
    1957-03-29 E2690 Weldon, Rilda Caroline [I1697]
    1958-03-27 E0884 Frantom, William [I1782]
    1958-10-01 E2378 Warrick, John Calvin [I2233]
    1959-10-25 E2772 White, Randolph Beecher [I1571]
    1960-11-05 E2565 Weldon, James Richard [I1715]
    1962-06-05 E0252 Blizzard, Walter Ray [I0708]
    1962-09-16 E2671 Weldon, Newton Albert [I1769]
    1968-08-03 E2769 White, Harvey Lee [I1568]
    1970-01-18 E2337 UNKNOWN, Mini K [I2535]
    1970-12-22 E1794 Montgomery, James Dossie [I1791]
    1972-07-23 E2368 Wallace, Gertrude W [I1788]
    1973-02-02 E0590 Camp, James Burzilla [I1978]
    1973-08-18 E2628 Weldon, Marvin D [I1765]
    1977 E3434 Blizzard, Frank Reese [I0584]
    1977-07-08 E1785 Montgomery, Andrew Jackson [I1795]
    1982 E2952 Woolverton, Lucy Ann [I1812]
    1982-01-16 E1800 Montgomery, John William [I1799]
    1982-06-15 E2580 Weldon, John Allan [I1700]
    1982-08-15 E2763 White, Aaron Weldon [I1570]
    1988-01-19 E1573 Long, Luie [I0014]
    1988-02-29 E2791 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351]
    1988-08-12 E2341 UNKNOWN, Ollie C [I2537]
    1989-01-04 E2450 Weldon, Arthur S [I1764]
    1990-10-07 E0647 Collins, Pearl Eugenia [I2536]
    1991-10-22 E1092 Holt, Irma Faye [I0189]
    1992-12-23 E2653 Weldon, Milton Etheldred [I1779]
    1994-04-05 E2351 UNKNOWN, Velma M [I2538]
    1998-09-15 E0216 Blizzard, Bernard Ray [I1303]
    1999 E2320 UNKNOWN, M. Oleta [I2540]
    2003-02-25 E2215 Stover, Amie Elze [I0306]
    2004 E3435 Blizzard, Roy Maxine [I3710]
    2005-08-20 E1014 Hillis, Thomas J. [I0163]
    2006-05-07 E0163 Bartow, Chester E [I0040]
    2007-08-22 E3476 UNKNOWN, Ethel L. [I2468]
    2008 E3436 Blizzard, William C [I0571]
C Cause Of Death 1953-10-00 E3496 Porter, Nedra Marie [I2477]
C Census 1850 E1873 Neutzling, Jacob [I1891] Neutzling, Joannes [I1963] Kuss, Anna Susanna [I0239] Neutzling, Petri Sr. [I0375] Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1850 E0006 Brown, Catherine Elizabeth [I1970] Brown, Lydia [I1967] Brown, John V [I1960] Price, Martha A [I1957] Ford, Mary [I1959] Brown, Thomas C [I1966] Brown, Caroline [I0000] Brown, Melvin [I1968] Brown, Mary Jane [I1965] Brown, Barzilla Miles [I1958] Brown, Eliza Jane [I1961] Brown, George [I1962]
    1860 E3526 Neutzling, Jacob [I1891] Neutzling, Joannes [I1963] Kuss, Anna Susanna [I0239] Neutzling, Petri Sr. [I0375] Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1860 E0002 Brown, Catherine Elizabeth [I1970] Brown, Lydia [I1967] Price, Martha A [I1957] Brown, Caroline [I0000] Brown, Barzilla Miles [I1958] Brown, Eliza Jane [I1961]
    1870 E3525 Wilhelm, Martin [I0353] Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1870 E0011 Longstreth, John [I1954] Rhodes, Calista [I1949] Longstreth, Ellen Almeta [I1942] Longstreth, Harrison [I1950]
    1870 E3540 Neutzling, Petri Sr. [I0375]
    1880 E0008 Longstreth, John [I1954] Rhodes, Calista [I1949] Longstreth, Ellen Almeta [I1942] Longstreth, Harrison [I1950]
    1880-06-19 E3521 Wilhelm, Martin [I0353] Wilhelm, Charles E [I0346] Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1900 E3347 Barlow, Grace [I2276] Barlow, Helen Mae [I0034] Barlow, Mary Catherin [I2339] Barlow, Charles Homer [I2273] Barlow, Jessie [I2283] Barlow, Anselm J. [I2185] Barlow, Gilbert B. [I2337] Barlow, Isabel [I2303] Ruthford, Mariah Blanch [I2271]
    1900-06-05 E3520 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351] Wilhelm, Martin [I0353] Wilhelm, Charles E [I0346] Neutzling, Catharina [I0263] Klingler, Susannah Marie [I0237]
    1900-06-14 E3547 Brown, John M [I1941]
    1910 E3358 Holt, Frank H [I0183] Barlow, Helen Mae [I0034] Holt, Ethyl Isabel [I0180]
    1910-04-22 E3543 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351] Taylor, Charles Albert [I0331] Klingler, Susannah Marie [I0237]
    1920 E3361 Holt, Gwyneth W [I0185] Holt, Frank H [I0183] Barlow, Helen Mae [I0034] Holt, Gilbert Buel [I0184] Holt, Ethyl Isabel [I0180] Holt, Martha Washington [I0194] Holt, Irma Faye [I0189] Holt, Sennith Geraldine [I0210]
    1920-01-08 E3344 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351] Brown, Tacy P [I0070] Wilhelm, Frederick H. Jr. [I0350] Longstreth, Ellen Almeta [I1942]
    1930-04-15 E3537 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351] Brown, Tacy P [I0070] Wilhelm, Frederick H. Jr. [I0350] Wilhelm, Betty J [I0345] Longstreth, Ellen Almeta [I1942]
    1940-04-22 E3333 Wilhelm, Frederick H. Sr. [I0351] Brown, Tacy P [I0070] Wilhelm, Frederick H. Jr. [I0350] Wilhelm, Betty J [I0345] Longstreth, Ellen Almeta [I1942]
C Christening 1846-08-02 E3527 Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
D Death E0136 Avery, Frances Diannah [I0526]
    E0407 Bloomfield, Reuth [I3618]
    E0546 Burkey, Dale [I3462]
    E0548 Burkey, Evelyn [I3463]
    E0550 Burkey, Irene [I3464]
    E0552 Burkey, Leonard [I3465]
    E0554 Burkey, Pearl [I3473]
    E0556 Burkey, Pearl [I3474]
    E0558 Burkey, Raymond [I3475]
    E0750 Ennis, Benjamin [I1188]
    E0764 Ennis, James [I1189]
    E0826 Estes, Barbara [I0107]
    E0846 Everett, William [I3493]
    E0893 Freels, Mary Louise [I1641]
    E0905 Giles, Unknown [I3495]
    E0916 Glock, Helen [I3499]
    E0918 Glock, Maymie [I3501]
    E0920 Glock, William [I3502]
    E0922 Glock, William Jr. [I3503]
    E0957 Hawthorne, Helen [I3505]
    E1173 Holt, William Newton [I0215]
    E1323 Jung, Gertrude [I0386]
    E1327 Karshner, Don [I3508]
    E1331 Karst, Barbara [I0235]
    E1477 Klingler, Anna [I0721]
    E1481 Klingler, Elizabeth [I3511]
    E1483 Klingler, Elizabeth [I3511]
    E1488 Klingler, Godfrey [I0236]
    E1492 Klingler, Josephine [I0715]
    E1494 Klingler, Katherine [I0718]
    E1497 Klingler, Mary [I0719]
    E1499 Klingler, Minnie [I0722]
    E1503 Klingler, Susannah Marie [I0237]
    E1568 Lockwood, Laura J [I1473]
    E1698 McCoy, Roda E [I2195]
    E1709 McCoy, Thomas S [I2170]
    E1776 Miller, Oscar [I3533]
    E1781 Mone, Louie [I3536]
    E1847 Myrtle, Unknown [I3537]
    E1932 Nicholson, Russell [I3538]
    E1941 Odom, Jacob Sr. [I1822]
    E1966 Patterson, Mary Eliza [I3539]
    E1968 Patterson, Scott [I3540]
    E2004 Fitz Randolph, Abigail [I3003]
    E2006 Fitz Randolph, Ann [I3004]
    E2035 Fitz Randolph, John [I3017]
    E2042 Fitz Randolph, Rachel [I3020]
    E2044 Fitz Randolph, Rebecca [I3021]
    E2048 Fitz Randolph, Ruth [I3023]
    E2050 Fitz Randolph, Samuel [I0114]
    E2058 Ranft, George [I3551]
    E2060 Ranft, Harry [I3552]
    E2089 Rosa, Unknown [I3568]
    E2091 Rose, Mary Poly [I2149]
    E2168 Souslin, Jess [I3578]
    E2264 Taylor, Anna [I3587]
    E2271 Taylor, Peter [I3588]
    E2274 Taylor, Reese W [I0725]
    E2279 Taylor, William R [I0724]
    E2387 Warrick, Robert Bromfield [I2237]
    E2496 Weldon, Emery Elbert [I1511]
    E2910 Willlinger, Magdalena [I3596]
    1608 E1175 Holt, John [I0505]
    1614 E0862 Fitz Randolph, Edward Sr. [I0112]
    1631-06-07 E1184 Howes, Frances [I0221]
    1633 E0483 Blossom, Thomas [I0061]
    1639 E0329 Bloomfield, John Jr. [I0404]
    1640-12-10 E0481 Blossom, Elizabeth [I0060]
    1661-07-00 E1145 Holt, Robert [I0206]
    1663-12-10 E3040 Wright, Richard Whittington [I2084]
    1672 E0969 Heywood, Dorothy [I0141]
    1674 E2331 UNKNOWN, Mary [I0016]
    1678-09-09 E0401 Bloomfield, Rebecca [I0410]
    1678-09-09 E0412 Bloomfield, Ruth [I0412]
    1681 E0967 Heilson, Ann [I0139]
    1684 E0864 Fitz Randolph, Edward Jr. [I0115]
    1684-06-10 E0443 Bloomfield, Thomas [I0059]
    1685 E0705 Dennis, Robert [I0097]
    1686 E2923 Withers, Mary [I0402]
    1686 E2927 Withers, Mary [I0402]
    1689 E0692 Dennis, Mary Elizabeth [I2928]
    1689-05-08 E0696 Dennis, John Sr. [I0095]
    1689-05-15 E0424 Bloomfield, Sarah [I0058]
    1689-05-31 E0384 Bloomfield, Nathaniel [I0411]
    1689-08-15 E0386 Bloomfield, Nathaniel [I2811]
    1689-10-00 E0703 Dennis, Mary Or Maria [I2932]
    1693 E1135 Holt, Richard Sr. [I0203]
    1693-04-22 E1139 Holt, Richard Jr. [I0205]
    1697 E2397 Washington, Anne [I2081]
    1698 E1147 Holt, Robert [I0207]
    1698 E1999 Plunkett, Margaret [I0283]
    1703-02-15 E0301 Bloomfield, Ezekiel Sr. [I0405]
    1703-02-15 E0866 Fitz Randolph, Hope [I0709]
    1703-03-27 E0699 Dennis, John Jr. [I2930]
    1704 E1051 Holt, David [I0173]
    1705 E0365 Bloomfield, Mary [I0408]
    1705 E2018 Fitz Randolph, Grace [I3010]
    1707 E1826 Mottrom, Anne [I2083]
    1708-06-10 E0707 Dennis, Samuel [I2933]
    1712 E0502 Brasher, John [I1662]
    1712 E1066 Holt, Elizabeth [I0179]
    1713 E2982 Wright, Francis [I2082]
    1713-04-10 E0331 Bloomfield, John Sr. [I0406]
    1715-04-23 E0971 Higgins, Rose [I2878]
    1720 E1304 Jaques, Jonathan [I2860]
    1729 E1190 Hudson, William [I0465]
    1730 E2993 Wright, John [I2069]
    1732-11-22 E0711 Dennis, Sarah [I0098]
    1733 E2301 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I0178]
    1734 E1163 Holt, William [I0213]
    1739 E0126 Aubrey, Dorothy [I2068]
    1741-08-00 E2028 Fitz Randolph, Hope [I3014]
    1742-09-11 E2087 Rolph, Esther [I2812]
    1743 E0868 Fitz Randolph, Nathaniel [I0113]
    1743 E2403 Weeks, Katharine [I2819]
    1744-02-15 E0431 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3617]
    1746 E0324 Bloomfield, Jeremiah Sr. [I2807]
    1746-05-00 E0004 UNKNOWN, Susannah [I2896]
    1746-10-05 E0860 Fitz Randolph, Benjamin Sr. [I0111]
    1746-10-07 E2024 Fitz Randolph, Hannah [I3012]
    1747-12-27 E0677 Curtis, Elizabeth [I3614]
    1748-01-00 E0305 Bloomfield, Ezekiel III [I2815]
    1748-01-14 E0303 Bloomfield, Ezekiel Jr. [I2810]
    1748-09-20 E0460 Bloomfield, Timothy Sr. [I2804]
    1750-05-13 E2030 Fitz Randolph, Isaac [I3015]
    1751-01-04 E1302 Jaques, Henry [I2861]
    1753-05-00 E0410 Bloomfield, Richard [I2881]
    1755 E3266 Long, Philip Sr. [I2431]
    1757-01-09 E2149 Skinner, Elizabeth [I2916]
    1757-01-14 E0326 Bloomfield, Jeremiah Jr. [I2821]
    1757-01-27 E0307 Bloomfield, Ezekiel [I2820]
    1757-08-00 E2107 Salyer, Charles [I2854]
    1757-09-06 E2010 Fitz Randolph, Elizabeth [I3006]
    1758-01-00 E2008 Fitz Randolph, Benjamin Jr. [I3005]
    1758-08-00 E1285 Hunt, Sarah [I2982]
    1758-10-00 E1306 Jaques, Samuel [I2862]
    1759 E3264 Long, Philip Jr. [I2428]
    1759-03-18 E2014 Fitz Randolph, Enuice [I3008]
    1759-03-28 E2016 Fitz Randolph, Eunice [I3009]
    1759-04-03 E2052 Fitz Randolph, Sarah [I3025]
    1759-10-04 E2012 Fitz Randolph, Elizabeth [I3007]
    1760 E0369 Bloomfield, Mary [I2822]
    1760 E1133 Holt, Plunkett Harraway [I0201]
    1760-04-11 E2033 Fitz Randolph, Job [I3016]
    1760-11-30 E0728 Dunham, Eunice [I2839]
    1760-12-01 E0334 Bloomfield, John Jr. [I2831]
    1764 E1373 King, David [I2141]
    1765-04-13 E1577 Loofbourrow, Abraham [I2843]
    1767 E2955 Wright, Anna [I2073]
    1767-02-09 E2361 Van Galen, Margaret [I2816]
    1767-09-07 E2980 Wright, Francis Sr. [I2058]
    1768 E0472 Bloomfield, William [I2897]
    1768 E2976 Wright, Elizabeth [I2074]
    1768-01-16 E0319 Bloomfield, Isaac [I2851]
    1770-12-25 E0403 Bloomfield, Rebecca [I2805]
    1772-05-26 E0278 Bloomfield, Benjamin [I2809]
    1773 E0955 Hawkins, Mary [I2057]
    1773-10-25 E1948 Ogden, Sarah [I2847]
    1774 E1385 King, Hannah [I2140]
    1776 E1143 Holt, Richard III [I0502]
    1776-08-22 E2946 Wood, Elizabeth [I3628]
    1777-06-27 E0420 Bloomfield, Samuel [I3616]
    1778 E1137 Holt, Richard Sr. [I0204]
    1779 E0405 Bloomfield, Reuben Skinner [I2917]
    1779-04-04 E1906 Neutzling, Johann [I0390]
    1780-06-00 E0438 Bloomfield, Smith [I2890]
    1780-08-05 E0434 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3635]
    1780-09-25 E2046 Fitz Randolph, Ruth [I3022]
    1782 E1161 Holt, William [I0212]
    1782-05-16 E0353 Bloomfield, Joseph [I2806]
    1783 E1434 King, Philip Jr. [I2120]
    1783-07-31 E2546 Weldon, Jacob [I1442]
    1784 E1165 Holt, William Sr. [I0214]
    1784-03-12 E1774 Mershon, Rebekah [I0259]
    1784-04-20 E2595 Weldon, Joseph [I1454]
    1784-12-06 E0877 Ford, Sarah [I2882]
    1786-02-26 E2020 Fitz Randolph, Grace [I3011]
    1789 E1131 Holt, Plunkett [I0200]
    1789 E2117 Salyer, Zachariah Benjamin [I2855]
    1789-12-18 E2067 Richardson, Benjamin [I0445]
    1790 E2111 Salyer, Joanna [I2858]
    1790 E2113 Salyer, Joseph [I2857]
    1790 E2143 Sims, Martha [I1175]
    1791 E0394 Bloomfield, Olle [I2908]
    1791-08-14 E0376 Bloomfield, Moses [I2841]
    1793 E0474 Bloomfield, William [I2905]
    1793 E0854 Finkinger, Susanna [I0109]
    1794-08-28 E0436 Bloomfield, Sarah Ogden [I2866]
    1794-10-10 E0322 Bloomfield, Jarvis [I3636]
    1795 E2109 Salyer, Jeremiah [I2856]
    1796 E0317 Bloomfield, Hulda [I2909]
    1797-05-10 E1891 Neutzling, George Wilhelm [I0387]
    1799 E2974 Wright, Elizabeth [I2062]
    1799 E2978 Wright, Febee [I2065]
    1799 E3005 Wright, Martha [I2063]
    1799 E3012 Wright, Mary [I2066]
    1799-10-21 E2957 Wright, Benjamin [I2045]
    1800 E1035 Holt, Ambrose [I0169]
    1800 E1424 King, Michael [I2136]
    1800 E1689 McCoy, Robert [I2174]
    1800 E2333 UNKNOWN, Mary [I2164]
    1801 E1156 Holt, Shadrack [I0496]
    1801 E1985 Phillips, John [I0527]
    1802-04-03 E0291 Bloomfield, Ellis [I2886]
    1803-01-24 E0463 Bloomfield, Timothy Jr. [I2880]
    1804 E0959 Heard, Ellender [I0518]
    1805-12-24 E0312 Bloomfield, Hannah [I2840]
    1806-03-04 E1377 King, Elizabeth [I2138]
    1806-05-16 E0511 Brooks, Catherine [I3601]
    1806-11-25 E0418 Bloomfield, Samuel [I2849]
    1807 E0627 Cattorn, Catharine Catron [I1441]
    1807 E2984 Wright, Isaac [I2071]
    1807-12-01 E2303 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth [I2044]
    1808 E0934 Griffin, Michael [I1601]
    1808 E1141 Holt, Richard Jr. [I0495]
    1808-04-03 E0339 Bloomfield, John [I2887]
    1808-11-20 E2667 Weldon, Nancy Ann [I1453]
    1810 E0351 Bloomfield, Johnathan [I2842]
    1810 E1055 Holt, David [I0497]
    1810 E1075 Holt, Francis [I0181]
    1810 E2288 UNKNOWN, Ann [I0484]
    1810-01-02 E1635 McCoy, George [I2165]
    1810-04-08 E1233 Hunt, Gershom [I2960]
    1810-04-08 E2995 Wright, John [I2076]
    1811 E1329 Karst, Andreas [I0234]
    1811-04-24 E1371 King, Christopher [I2137]
    1813-01-18 E0465 Bloomfield, Timothy III [I2885]
    1813-07-15 E1394 King, John Sr. [I2139]
    1814 E1053 Holt, David [I0488]
    1814-09-16 E0422 Bloomfield, Samuel Giles [I2865]
    1816-02-00 E2115 Salyer, Samuel [I2859]
    1818-05-13 E1441 King, Phillip III [I2113]
    1819-03-00 E2577 Weldon, John [I1450]
    1819-07-21 E0467 Bloomfield, Timothy IV [I2893]
    1820 E2905 Willingham, Nancy [I1543]
    1821-09-08 E0470 Bloomfield, William [I2888]
    1821-12-24 E1325 Karney, Anna [I3629]
    1823-10-03 E0358 Bloomfield, Joseph [I2848]
    1823-10-17 E2356 Van Vliet, Charrick [I2525]
    1824-08-25 E2354 Van Vliet, Catherine [I0677]
    1825 E2850 Wilkins, John S [I1497]
    1825-02-25 E0870 Fitz Randolph, Samuel [I0114]
    1825-07-23 E0901 Giles, James [I3604]
    1826 E0440 Bloomfield, Smith [I2906]
    1826 E3177 Long, Philip III [I2406]
    1827 E1449 King, Rachel [I2126]
    1828 E0932 Griffin, John [I1604]
    1828 E1691 McCoy, Robert [I2180]
    1829-12-20 E0314 Bloomfield, Hannah [I2850]
    1830 E0926 Green, Elizabeth [I1549]
    1830 E1041 Holt, Asa [I0487]
    1830 E1100 Holt, John [I0191]
    1830 E1512 La Barr, Anna Barbara [I2526]
    1830-03-00 E3027 Wright, Moses [I2037]
    1830-08-00 E2972 Wright, Elizabeth [I2054]
    1831 E1977 Phillips, Elizabeth [I0534]
    1831 E2348 UNKNOWN, Tobiatha [I1427]
    1831-11-21 E2543 Weldon, Isaac [I1428]
    1832-01-15 E0296 Bloomfield, Eunice [I2884]
    1834 E1096 Holt, James [I0486]
    1834-03-18 E0668 Crowell, Joseph [I2912]
    1834-08-10 E1149 Holt, Robert [I0491]
    1835 E0281 Bloomfield, Benjamin [I3612]
    1835 E1111 Holt, Leonard [I0493]
    1835 E2598 Weldon, Joseph [I1545]
    1836 E0745 Ennis, Arthur I [I1176]
    1836 E2437 Weldon, Andrew [I1451]
    1836-02-03 E0298 Bloomfield, Eunice [I3631]
    1836-05-00 E1993 Phillips, Payton [I0530]
    1838-02-13 E1445 King, Rachel [I2108]
    1839-07-07 E1981 Phillips, Ezra [I0274]
    1839-07-07 E2022 Fitz Randolph, Hannah [I0284]
    1840 E1082 Holt, George [I0490]
    1840 E2575 Weldon, John [I1445]
    1840-01-16 E1391 King, Jesse [I2109]
    1840-01-18 E1383 King, Hannah [I2121]
    1842-07-00 E0289 Bloomfield, Elizabeth [I3632]
    1842-10-05 E1818 Moore, Margaret [I2546]
    1843-03-17 E0509 Brooke, Anne [I2112]
    1844 E1127 Holt, Nathan [I0197]
    1844 E2700 Weldon, Sarah [I1459]
    1844 E2703 Weldon, Sarah [I1544]
    1844-09-04 E2775 Whitehead, Elizabeth [I2036]
    1845 E0655 Corveyance, Rebecca [I1535]
    1845 E1365 King, Catherine [I2122]
    1845-04-29 E1422 King, Michael [I2128]
    1846 E1106 Holt, John F [I0489]
    1846-03-24 E1437 King, Philip IV [I2123]
    1846-11-01 E0936 Griffin, Snowden [I1605]
    1846-11-09 E1168 Holt, William Jr. [I0521]
    1847 E1098 Holt, Jesse [I0485]
    1847 E2961 Wright, Bethena [I2051]
    1849-10-00 E0349 Bloomfield, John Wood [I3633]
    1850 E0944 Hall, Matilda [I0129]
    1850 E1044 Holt, Benjamin [I0519]
    1850 E1524 Last, Tobiatha [I1413]
    1850 E2199 Starner, John George [I0676]
    1850 E2661 Weldon, Moses Sr. [I1414]
    1850 E2893 Williams, Dorothea [I1525]
    1850 E2959 Wright, Benjamin [I2048]
    1850 E2989 Wright, Jesse [I2067]
    1850 E2991 Wright, John [I2017]
    1850-01-00 E2998 Wright, John W [I2023]
    1850-02-22 E1310 Jenemann, Susanna [I0376]
    1850-03-15 E1514 La Barr, Rachel [I0673]
    1850-07-00 E0618 Cash, Effey [I2022]
    1850-07-09 E0672 Crowell, Nathan [I2913]
    1850-09-25 E1522 Large, Lucy [I2199]
    1850-09-25 E1701 McCoy, Ruben [I2178]
    1851 E1368 King, Charlotte [I2130]
    1851 E2970 Wright, Elizabeth [I2038]
    1851-03-18 E0666 Crowell, Fanny [I2915]
    1851-06-17 E2898 Willingham, Elijah [I1624]
    1852 E1413 King, Mary [I2127]
    1852-01-02 E0427 Bloomfield, Sarah [I2883]
    1852-04-05 E2903 Willingham, Lazarus [I1626]
    1852-05-17 E0372 Bloomfield, Mary [I3630]
    1852-08-28 E1443 King, Priscilla [I2114]
    1852-10-17 E1673 McCoy, Mary E [I2220]
    1853 E0909 Gill, Rebecca [I1587]
    1854-07-10 E1646 McCoy, James [I2177]
    1854-11-12 E2665 Weldon, Nancy [I1550]
    1855 E2096 Rugg, Mary [I2101]
    1855-03-15 E2622 Weldon, Martha [I1588]
    1856-03-03 E1389 King, Jesse [I2102]
    1856-03-14 E0399 Bloomfield, Phoebe [I3634]
    1856-09-08 E2365 Walker, Nancy [I2153]
    1857 E1453 King, Samuel [I2544]
    1857 E1714 McCoy, William [I2204]
    1857-02-13 E1465 King, William [I2131]
    1857-05-04 E1615 McCoy, Brumfield Sr. [I2154]
    1857-09-25 E2371 Walton, Elizabeth [I1440]
    1857-12-08 E0898 Freels, William [I1635]
    1857-12-25 E2141 Simmons, Zechariah T [I1559]
    1858 E0238 Blizzard, Mary [I0588]
    1858 E2548 Weldon, Jacob [I1443]
    1858-01-27 E1427 King, Nancy Ann [I2124]
    1858-03-04 E0429 Bloomfield, Sarah [I3610]
    1859-04-21 E2399 Weaver, Nancy B [I1162]
    1860 E2069 Richardson, Delilah [I0446]
    1860 E2430 Weldon, Amanda M [I1510]
    1860 E2556 Weldon, James [I1458]
    1860 E2900 Willingham, John W [I1625]
    before 1860 E3031 Weldon, Thomas Jefferson [I1514]
    1860-09-03 E1657 McCoy, John [I2181]
    1860-09-18 E1451 King, Samuel [I2115]
    1861 E2606 Weldon, Levi [I1524]
    1861-04-02 E1570 Lodge, Celine Elizabeth [I2219]
    1861-10-24 E2573 Weldon, Joel Bailey [I1723]
    1862 E1637 McCoy, George W [I2176]
    1862 E1668 McCoy, Mary [I2179]
    1862 E3174 Long, Jonas [I2400]
    1862-07-09 E1845 Myhand, William Morris [I1592]
    1862-08-22 E1527 Leach, Nancy Jane [I1689]
    1862-09-17 E0771 Ennis, James Weaver [I1183]
    1863-01-00 E2523 Weldon, Green [I1538]
    1863-07-26 E0753 Ennis, Benjamin Thomas [I1182]
    1864-01-30 E1997 Phillips, Sarah [I0533]
    1864-05-23 E2462 Weldon, Catherine [I1444]
    1865 E0007 Brown, Barzilla Miles [I1958]
    1865-03-12 E0903 Giles, Maria McIlvaine [I3605]
    1865-04-11 E2281 Taylor, William E [I1633]
    1866 E1038 Holt, Ambrose [I0520]
    1866 E1535 Lehew, Samuel [I2335]
    1866 E1685 McCoy, Reuben [I2203]
    1866-08-02 E3304 Neutzling, Jacob [I1891]
    1867 E3113 Long, Philip [I2392]
    1867-07-26 E1660 McCoy, John L [I2202]
    1868-01-21 E3552 Doll, Gertrude [I2488]
    1868-07-04 E0938 Griffin, Troy [I1602]
    1869 E2842 Wilkins, Isaac [I1489]
    1869-06-18 E0287 Bloomfield, Elizabeth [I3611]
    1869-12-00 E1411 King, Mary [I2116]
    1870 E1030 Holbrook, Elizabeth [I2197]
    1870 E1068 Holt, Elizabeth [I0523]
    1870 E2413 Weldon, Absalom [I1464]
    1870-06-23 E1457 King, Susannah [I2129]
    1870-06-28 E1707 McCoy, Thomas [I2175]
    1870-11-15 E2460 Weldon, Burell [I1589]
    1871 E2464 Weldon, Charles [I1520]
    1871-05-30 E2884 Wilkins, William [I1486]
    1872-06-29 E0360 Bloomfield, Joseph Ellis [I2864]
    1873 E0476 Bloomfield, William [I3613]
    1873-01-15 E1983 Phillips, Hannah [I0531]
    1873-05-15 E2987 Wright, Jesse [I2050]
    1874 E2858 Wilkins, Mary [I1495]
    1874-08-21 E1724 McCutcheon, Elizabeth Martha [I1720]
    1875-04-26 E1828 Moultre, Cynthia Ann [I1644]
    1875-07-03 E1975 Phillips, Elinder Ncashe Ezra [I0273]
    1876 E2825 Wilkins, Elizabeth [I1487]
    1876 E3058 Yarbrough, Angeline [I1149]
    1876-02-14 E2488 Weldon, Elisha E [I1719]
    1876-08-02 E2685 Weldon, Pheribe E [I1435]
    1876-09-06 E2554 Weldon, Jacob [I1696]
    1877 E0478 Bloomfield, Zeruiah [I2907]
    1877 E0891 Freels, Joseph [I1637]
    1877-03-23 E1837 Myhand, James Allen [I1591]
    1878-08-05 E2861 Wilkins, Mathew G [I1493]
    1878-10-15 E2448 Weldon, Anna Joan [I1693]
    1879-05-03 E2327 UNKNOWN, Mariah J [I1607]
    1879-10-17 E1991 Phillips, Nancy [I0529]
    1880 E0887 Freels, Frances [I1636]
    1880 E1028 Hilton, Nancy [I1465]
    1880 E1989 Phillips, Mary Polly [I0528]
    1880 E2209 Sterner, Belinda [I2527]
    1880 E2710 Weldon, Simon [I1430]
    1881-01-23 E2760 Whatley, Thomas Jefferson [I1837]
    1882 E0674 Crowell, William Bloomfield [I2914]
    1882-04-20 E0930 Griffin, Ghitta Frances [I1603]
    1882-06-17 E3025 Wright, Moses [I2020]
    1883-02-08 E1987 Phillips, Joseph [I0535]
    1884-10-17 E2176 Starner, Catherine [I2512]
    1885 E1129 Holt, Newton D [I0199]
    1885 E1313 Jones, Lucy Ann [I1817]
    1885 E1633 McCoy, Francis Marion [I2201]
    1886 E1995 Phillips, Rebecca [I0532]
    1886-01-12 E2612 Weldon, Lourana [I1431]
    1886-03-08 E1508 Kuss, Anna Susanna [I0239]
    1886-05-24 E2886 Wilkins, William [I1490]
    1887-02-22 E1375 King, Elizabeth [I2125]
    1887-10-25 E1622 McCoy, David Franklin [I2205]
    1887-11-09 E1104 Holt, John B [I0192]
    1888-06-25 E1316 Jones, Sarah Matilda [I1875]
    1888-10-22 E1925 Neutzling, Petri Sr. [I0375]
    1888-10-26 E2751 Whatley, John S [I1838]
    1889 E0229 Blizzard, James [I0583]
    1889-03-09 E1432 King, Philip [I2118]
    1890 E2852 Wilkins, Jonathan [I1494]
    1890 E2867 Wilkins, Obedience [I1908]
    1890-03-00 E1815 Moore, Jerusha [I1951]
    1891 E2272 Taylor, Peter [I3588]
    1891-02-02 E0743 Ennis, Arthur [I1163]
    1892 E1159 Holt, William [I0211]
    1892 E1720 McCoy, Zelpha [I2168]
    1892 E1934 Nixson, Rebekah [I1864]
    1892-05-29 E0542 Burgess, Susannah A [I2100]
    1893-12-12 E2705 Weldon, Sarah Alabama [I1685]
    1894 E1642 McCoy, George Washington [I2200]
    1894-03-30 E2864 Wilkins, Nancy [I1492]
    1894-04-25 E2178 Starner, Charles [I0672]
    1894-07-01 E3423 Yarger, Elizabeth [I2286]
    1894-10-01 E3003 Wright, Margaret [I2024]
    1895 E2376 Warrick, James Lafayette [I2234]
    1895 E2389 Warrick, Susannah [I2191]
    1895 E2881 Wilkins, Weldon [I1496]
    1895-01-05 E2138 Simmons, Sarah A [I1558]
    1895-10-10 E2651 Weldon, Milton Alfred [I1434]
    1895-10-11 E1608 McCann, Lydia [I2019]
    1895-10-30 E3001 Wright, Malinda [I2039]
    1895-11-20 E2644 Weldon, Mary Gwen [I1708]
    1896 E2252 Stump, Lillie [I3685]
    1896-01-27 E1471 King, William Jesse [I2099]
    1896-03-04 E1447 King, Rachel [I2117]
    1896-10-16 E0788 Ennis, Martha Jane [I1180]
    1897-10-03 E2584 Weldon, John Asbury Sr. [I1537]
    1897-12-20 E1381 King, Francis [I2310]
    1898-05-16 E1843 Myhand, Wesley Warren [I1593]
    1898-06-26 E0623 Cassady, Sarah Ann [I1717]
    1899 E1958 Partridge, Florence [I1803]
    1900 E0679 Cyphers, John Calvin [I2216]
    1900 E1703 McCoy, Sarah [I2198]
    1900 E2191 Starner, George W [I2520]
    1900-04-11 E1718 McCoy, William Walker [I2166]
    1900-05-20 E2642 Weldon, Mary Ella [I1475]
    1900-09-03 E2780 Weldon, George A [I1527]
    1901 E0653 Cormick, Mahalia [I1886]
    1901 E1018 Hillis, Walter [I0164]
    1901-03-00 E1666 McCoy, Margaret [I2240]
    1901-07-20 E0780 Ennis, John Marion [I1178]
    1901-12-31 E0657 Couch, Mary Elizabeth [I2189]
    1902-01-05 E3523 Wilhelm, Charles E [I0346]
    1902-01-29 E2836 Wilkins, Henry Levi [I1488]
    1902-03-25 E2172 Starner, Archibald W [I2097]
    1902-06-12 E1962 Partridge, Jesse B [I1802]
    1902-06-27 E2205 Starner, Susan [I2517]
    1902-11-27 E2587 Weldon, John Asbury Jr. [I1691]
    1902-12-06 E2749 Whatley, Isaac [I1839]
    1903 E1696 McCoy, Robert W [I2169]
    1903-01-09 E2869 Wilkins, Samuel [I1491]
    1903-03-16 E0791 Ennis, Mary Frances [I1179]
    1903-04-08 E2797 Wilhelm, Martin [I0353]
    1903-06-12 E2646 Weldon, Matilda [I1609]
    1903-09-02 E0973 Hill, Matilda Ann [I2225]
    1904-02-20 E0584 Butts, Elizabeth A [I2412]
    1904-03-24 E2196 Starner, Hiram [I2518]
    1905-08-16 E2075 Ricks, John Benjamin [I1807]
    1906 E1501 Klingler, Rose [I3512]
    1906-01-20 E1602 Maxey, Willie Mae [I1745]
    1906-02-12 E2755 Whatley, Levi [I1840]
    1906-07-06 E0208 Blizzard, Author [I0565]
    1906-12-14 E1151 Holt, Roseann [I0208]
    1907 E0907 Gill, Elizabeth [I0582]
    1907 E1599 Maxey, John [I1744]
    1907-02-15 E2737 Weldon, Willis A [I1408]
    1907-03-31 E2483 Weldon, Elias [I1666]
    1907-07-18 E2133 Simmons, Margarette M [I1557]
    1908 E2617 Weldon, Margaret [I1138]
    1908-12-02 E3528 Neutzling, Catharina [I0263]
    1909-01-19 E1612 McCarthy, Annie Marie [I2354]
    1909-06-20 E0593 Camp, James Ezra [I1973]
    1909-10-24 E2728 Weldon, William Absalom [I1471]
    before 1910 E0631 Chenoweth, Harvey P [I2288]
    before 1910 E3380 Barlow, Anselm J. [I2185]
    1910-06-11 E0821 Ennis, William Pinkney [I1150]
    1910-08-14 E2335 UNKNOWN, Mary L [I1953]
    1911 E1516 Lamons, Sarah Jane [I1707]
    1911 E2123 Simmons, Anabella [I1811]
    1911 E2620 Weldon, Margaret Emma [I1667]
    1912-03-06 E2277 Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth [I1518]
    1912-09-23 E2551 Weldon, Jacob [I1536]
    1912-11-05 E0889 Freels, John Buck [I1639]
    1913 E2291 UNKNOWN, Annie [I2534]
    1913 E2682 Weldon, Ora Annie [I1721]
    1913-01-13 E1596 Maxey, Amzy Alexander [I1743]
    1914-04-03 E2590 Weldon, John T [I1509]
    1914-04-14 E2638 Weldon, Mary A [I1466]
    1914-07-30 E2180 Starner, Elanor [I2524]
    1914-07-30 E2182 Starner, Ellen [I2522]
    1915-01-03 E1102 Holt, John [I0449]
    1915-01-11 E0953 Hatten, Margaret [I2018]
    1915-05-03 E2189 Starner, Francis Marion [I2515]
    1915-06-30 E0799 Ennis, Nancy Annie [I1177]
    1916 E2535 Weldon, Herman [I1742]
    1916-01-22 E3336 Starner, Jackson [I2519]
    1916-02-06 E1359 King, Alfred Burgess [I2107]
    1916-06-02 E2269 Taylor, Mary Ann [I1634]
    1916-07-13 E0534 Brown, Thomas C [I1966]
    1916-08-06 E0801 Ennis, Odie Elizabeth [I1181]
    1916-12-19 E0644 Cole, Elizabeth Carline [I1688]
    1917-02-10 E3413 Hankinson, Peter N. [I2284]
    1917-09-11 E0840 Estes, Robert L [I1647]
    1918-01-31 E1832 Murray, Eliza Jane [I2533]
    1918-03-15 E3511 Holt, Clarence Eugene [I2365]
    1918-04-29 E0948