Klingler, Joseph

Birth Name Klingler, Joseph
Gramps ID I0720
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Klingler, Godfrey [I0236]
Mother Graf, Anna Maria [I0123]
    Sister     Klingler, Anna [I0721]
    Sister     Klingler, Elizabeth [I3511]
    Brother     Klingler, George [I0714]
         Klingler, Joseph [I0720]
    Sister     Klingler, Josephine [I0715]
    Sister     Klingler, Katherine [I0718]
    Sister     Klingler, Martha M [I0717]
    Sister     Klingler, Mary [I0719]
    Sister     Klingler, Minnie [I0722]
    Sister     Klingler, Susannah Marie [I0237]


    Family of Klingler, Joseph and Rosa, Unknown [F1028]
Married Wife Rosa, Unknown [I3568]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3393]     Marriage of Klingler, Joseph and Rosa, Unknown


  1. Klingler, Godfrey [I0236]
    1. Graf, Anna Maria [I0123]
      1. Klingler, Anna [I0721]
      2. Klingler, Elizabeth [I3511]
      3. Klingler, Joseph
        1. Rosa, Unknown [I3568]
      4. Klingler, Josephine [I0715]
      5. Klingler, Katherine [I0718]
      6. Klingler, Mary [I0719]
      7. Klingler, Minnie [I0722]
      8. Klingler, George [I0714]
      9. Klingler, Martha M [I0717]
      10. Klingler, Susannah Marie [I0237]