Stevens, Heneretta

Birth Name Stevens, Heneretta
Gramps ID I3641
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2210] 1845   Birth of Stevens, Heneretta


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stevens, Thomas B. [I3707]
         Stevens, Heneretta [I3641]


    Family of Withrow, Samuel Davis and Stevens, Heneretta [F1055]
Married Husband Withrow, Samuel Davis [I3640]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3514] 1864-03-08 Kanawha County, West Virginia  
  1. Withrow, Nancy E [I2366]
  2. Withrow, Adam H [I2373]
  3. Withrow, Josephine [I2445]
  4. Withrow, Samuel Robert [I0552]



Heneretta Anne Francis Sarah Elizabeth Jane Withrow married Davis Withrow and was the mother of Samuel Robert Withrow who was the husband of Oma Inez Blizzard.

She was a Stevenson before she married. Information about her name was added by Cordelia Brumfield.

Heneretta was a full blooded Charokee indian she was named at a Quilting bee one night, she took the first names of all the women at the bee, She had six or seven names.

I found information in the Putnam County, WV records listing her as Henrietta Stevens b.abt. 1845 in Fayette County,Va. Her parents were Thomas B. Stevens b.abt. 1794 and her mothers first initial was an A. All else is unknown. Henrietta appears in the Putnam Co,.census in 1870 in the Hutton District and 1880 in the Union District. Thomas B. Stevens appears in the 1870 census in Hutton district. Other children were: Solomon J.B. Stevens,m.Elizabeth E. Worth, Thomas Stevens m. Mary F. Asbury, Sarah E. Stevens m.F.M. Hall.

I also have some other family information. It seems that alot of them had two middle initials. The second always being a B. My uncle used to tell me that he thought he remembered his grandmother, Nancy Elizabeth Withrow Kidd's family name being Bear. Since they were Indian it is possible that their Indian name was Bear and they changed it to Stevens.


  1. Stevens, Thomas B. [I3707]
    1. Stevens, Heneretta
      1. Withrow, Samuel Davis [I3640]
        1. Withrow, Nancy E [I2366]
        2. Withrow, Adam H [I2373]
        3. Withrow, Josephine [I2445]
        4. Withrow, Samuel Robert [I0552]