Wright, John

Birth Name Wright, John
Gramps ID I2017
Gender male
Age at Death 25 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2990] 1825 Amherst County Virginia Birth of Wright, John
Death [E2991] 1850 Seal, Ohio Death of Wright, John


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wright, Moses [I2020]
Mother McCann, Lydia [I2019]
         Wright, John [I2017]
    Brother     Wright, William [I1993]
    Brother     Wright, James [I2030]
    Sister     Wright, Eliza Jane [I2034]
    Sister     Wright, Elizabeth [I2029]
    Sister     Wright, Susan [I2032]
    Sister     Wright, Effa [I2027]
    Sister     Wright, Edy [I2026]
    Brother     Wright, Daniel [I2033]
    Sister     Wright, Margaret [I2024]


    Family of Wright, John and Hatten, Margaret [F0544]
Married Wife Hatten, Margaret [I2018]
  1. Wright, Sarah Ellen [I0367]


  1. Wright, Moses [I2020]
    1. McCann, Lydia [I2019]
      1. Wright, John
        1. Hatten, Margaret [I2018]
          1. Wright, Sarah Ellen [I0367]
      2. Wright, William [I1993]
      3. Wright, James [I2030]
      4. Wright, Eliza Jane [I2034]
      5. Wright, Elizabeth [I2029]
      6. Wright, Susan [I2032]
      7. Wright, Effa [I2027]
      8. Wright, Edy [I2026]
      9. Wright, Daniel [I2033]
      10. Wright, Margaret [I2024]