Weldon, Rex

Birth Name Weldon, Rex
Gramps ID I1732
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2687] 1921   Birth of Weldon, Rex


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Weldon, Andrew Jackson Sr. [I1683]
Mother Mclain, Ola Florence [I1729]
    Sister     Weldon, Hazel [I1737]
    Brother     Weldon, Henry [I1735]
    Brother     Weldon, Frank [I1736]
    Sister     Weldon, Jewel [I1734]
    Sister     Weldon, Hilda [I1733]
    Brother     Weldon, Andrew Jackson Jr. [I1731]
         Weldon, Rex [I1732]
    Brother     Weldon, Thomas [I1730]


  1. Weldon, Andrew Jackson Sr. [I1683]
    1. Mclain, Ola Florence [I1729]
      1. Weldon, Hazel [I1737]
      2. Weldon, Henry [I1735]
      3. Weldon, Frank [I1736]
      4. Weldon, Jewel [I1734]
      5. Weldon, Hilda [I1733]
      6. Weldon, Andrew Jackson Jr. [I1731]
      7. Weldon, Rex
      8. Weldon, Thomas [I1730]